Daily Practices for a more Nourishing Holiday

When I wake up, before I reach for my phone or place one foot on the floor, I put a hand over my heart, breathe deeply, and greet myself: “Hi, Friend.”

I didn’t always greet myself this way. I spent many years viewing myself as my own adversary.

I’ve learned though, that greeting myself this way connects me to myself and sets a tone of kindness for the day to come. I’ve learned that kindness turned inward is the most potent medicine in the world.

Like you, I’m certainly not immune to the harshness of inner critical thoughts, but this simple sunrise greeting goes a long way to shifting my internal climate.

I’d like to greet you this way each morning too.

More than that, I’d like to invite you to pause each day to recognize and savor the nourishment that fills your life right now.

Pausing for a moment sounds simple, right?

But we all know that so many people and projects fight for our attention from the first ring of our alarm clock. Even the most basic elements of self-care, such as drinking a tall glass of water or taking one deep breath, can fall to the bottom of our never-ending to-do list.

And that’s just every-day stress. The holidays often take life to a whole new level and finding just the right balance can be daunting.

This is where Savor comes in.

Imagine a holiday season that truly feeds you.

Imagine finding daily sanctuary amidst the tumult and pain of the world.

Imagine feasts that don’t leave you sick and stuffed, but instead leave you satiated and deeply pleasured.

Imagine closing out the year in a deeper relationship with yourself.


When you subscribe, starting November 20th (the week of American Thanksgiving) and ending December 31 (New Year’s Eve), every day, you’ll receive an invitation to pause in the form of a short daily audio meditation.

For these six weeks, and for only $40, I’ll meet you each day with new thoughts to help you be present and take in the pleasures of this time of year. A sampling of topics I’m inviting you to reflect on and Savor includes:

  • The wisdom of your body
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Pleasure
  • Uncertainty
  • Your inherent enoughness
  • Self-compassion
  • Peaceful eating
  • and so much more!

In addition to the daily audio meditations, most emails will also include a corresponding journal prompt for deeper exploration should that call to you.

Weekend Guests

Each week, Monday through Friday, you’ll receive a meditation from me, but over the weekends the meditations will come from a special group of guest leaders.

  • Liz Lamoreux

  • Annie Wright

  • Julie Daley

  • Tami Hackbarth

  • Molly Mahar

  • Laura Simms

  • Rachael Maddox

  • Sarah Peck

  • Rachel Hart

  • Laurie Wagner

  • Rebecca McLoughlin

  • Anna Guest-Jelley

  • Kate Swoboda

  • + + +


Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Wisdom Notes for a Well-fed Holiday? How is Savor different from Wisdom Notes?

For many years I offered a different end-of-year support: Wisdom Notes for a Well-fed Holiday.

Many found Wisdom Notes a powerful and beloved offering, one that helped them find greater ease as the year came to a close. Savor has emerged out of a desire to help you (and myself) cultivate a more dedicated daily pause during the holidays and still the frenzied urge to rush, fix, and change ourselves.
Additionally, I’m drawn to and excited by the intimacy that audio recordings provide.

If you were a subscriber of Wisdom Notes I believe you’ll find Savor equally simple and supportive.

The primary difference is that Wisdom Notes were written and Savor is built around guided audio meditations. I think of Savor as a grown-up cousin to Wisdom Notes for a Well-Fed Holiday so don’t be surprised if you recognize a few familiar themes.

Is this an e-course?

No. These are simple, daily audio meditations that serve to inspire and guide you during the holiday season. There is no lesson plan or homework. You can use the Savor recordings and practices as often or as little as is helpful to you.

Is there a community component?

No. There is no discussion board or a private Facebook group. My experience is that we have enough going on in our lives during this time of year and Savor is meant to make your life better and easier, not create more ways for you to be online.

I notice that all of the guest contributors are white women. Don’t you want to provide a more diverse array of voices?

You are absolutely right that the guest contributors lack diversity and that this is a problem. Despite what you see I have been working to connect with women of color who would be excellent meditation guides. I was not able to line up anyone this year and for that, I take full responsibility. Please know that I will be spending 2018 making sure that the next Savor provides you with a less homogenous group of voices.

I’m busy, will Savor take up a lot of my time?

I know your lives are full and these gentle audio recordings will be powerful and brief.

Do I have to practice in the morning?

Not at all. The recordings will be sent out each day at 1am PST but you can listen to them anytime that works for you and even re-listen to them as you like. The morning is the time of day that works for me, but you decide what works for you. Recordings remain available for the full duration of Savor.

I already have a meditation and/or morning practice, would Savor be overkill?

Savor would be an excellent add-on to any daily practice, be it meditation, journaling, yoga, or even driving your kids to school. Because they take 10 minutes or less, you can easily listen to the meditations before, after, or during an existing practice for a boost of inspiration and reflection.

I subscribed to Savor in the past, will the recordings be the same or new?

The recordings are a best-of collection from past years sprinkled with brand new meditations.

What does it cost?

The six weeks of Savor audio practices is $40.

Can I give Savor as a gift?

Absolutely! In a previous year, one woman gave Savor as her holiday gift to all her girlfriends. You are welcome to give Savor to just one friend or dozens of friends. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Make sure your shopping cart, upon check out, has the correct number of subscriptions you want to order.
  2. Email the full name(s) and email address(es) of the recipient(s) to me ( after check out.
  3. Make sure to inform your recipient before November 21st that they will be receiving Savor as a gift and to keep an eye out for the daily emails.

This holiday season, find yourself in small moments.
This holiday season, taste what’s here.
This holiday season, notice the good.
This holiday season, utter “thank you” often.
This holiday season, Savor your life.

I hope you’ll join me.