Hi. I’m Rachel. Let’s get acquainted. I’ll start…

I’VE GOT certified life coaching know-how thanks to The Coaches Training Institute (CPCC to be exact). A Masters degree in Holistic Health Education from John F. Kennedy University. A glorious gap between my front teeth.

I’VE HOSTED transformative retreats in cities all across the country which have garnered rave reviews. I continue to lead gatherings that provide a sanctuary for women to discover what it means to live a well-fed life.

I RAN for 4th grade class secretary. My campaign slogan? “Reach Your Goal with Rachel Cole.” I heart foreshadowing.

IN A FORMER LIFE I teamed up with some of the most delicious people. Helped launch and run 18 Reasons—a trailblazing epicenter of community and food. Honed my quinoa skills with cookery goddess Heidi Swanson. Curated programs for the Center for Urban Education on Sustainable Agriculture. In the end, though, I found I cared a whole lot more about feeding our deeper hungers than I did about organic kale.

I’VE SAT CROSS-LEGGED at Tassajara Zen Center, Spirit Rock Meditation Center, with the joyful James Baraz, and while being schooled in the mindful ways of Jon Kabat-Zinn. I’m not a full fledged Buddhist, but I’ve learned a lot from some of the best.

I’M TRULY FORTUNATE I beat my eating disorder. And I’m way wiser, so much deeper, and insanely more compassionate for it.

I AM an INFJ, Leo (Scorpio moon, Scorpio rising). Sagacious beyond my years (so I’ve been told). An instigator of ease. And full of love for you.

I WANT to know: what are YOU truly hungry for?