How it works

In my life, the most profound relationships I’ve had with healers were not hierarchical.

By that I mean they were not the expert with all the answers. They did not have shiny, perfect lives. Instead, they showed up as a human equally on this journey yet equipped with intuition, open-heartedness, and yes, training, that resulted in us making magic together. This is my flavor of coaching. I come as a fellow human, a gentle ally, and a laser-sharp seer.


Our work is an invitation to let go of what keeps us from trusting ourselves so that we can cultivate a life that truly feeds us.  


Like all good relationships, the success of our working together depends on an intangible fit. When I’m talking to a prospective client I am feeling for that click into place that tells me we’re meant to go on a journey together. 

More than their ‘coach’ my clients describe me simply as their ‘person.’ More than their ‘coach’ my clients describe me simply as their ‘person.’

If you have an inkling that I might be your person I hope you’ll reach out.


It is important I share with you that in my life and professional practice:

I value diversity, the amplification of marginalized voices, and the pursuit of a more equitable society. 

I aim to provide a safe space for all people, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, race, age, size, or ability. 

I work to acknowledge my many forms of privilege, including race, class, ability, gender identity, sexual orientation, and size.

I recognize that many of our struggles, including those with desire, food, and our bodies, arise from systemic oppression and thus must be addressed, not just at an individual level but at a systems level. 

I seek to keep learning and growing in my awareness.

There are four primary ways that I work with people:

See a few common questions answered here.


Individual Life Coaching 


I coach clients two times each month for a minimum of four months (this allows us to really get into the good stuff).

Sessions last 60 minutes and are conducted easily over the telephone or the web. Tele-coaching allows us to work together no matter where you happen to live and saves you the time, stress and money of getting from point A to point B. Many people come to work with me around their relationship to food and their body, but just as many come to me for general life coaching. 

I charge $400 per month—this includes two powerful hour-long sessions. I provide anyone interested in coaching a free 30-minute chat to explore working together.  

Individual Coaching Praise

  • Rachel has seen me more clearly than the people I come in contact with every day.

    Sidney Garmon

  • relationships are deeper, I get more satisfaction from work and play, and I'm making progress toward fulfilling one of my dearest held life goals. Choosing Rachel as my coach was one of the most important steps in this process.

    — Keri Christensen

  • Rachel has helped me to create the life I always craved but did not know existed.

    — Larisa Blum

  • Her unwavering ethic, presence, and love offered me a sense of security and support as I embarked on the journey of transformation.

    — Natalie Forsythe

  • Rachel Cole is pure genius at her craft.

    — Ariana Pritchett

  • Every conversation felt like I was sitting across the kitchen table from Rachel.

    — Cindy Scovel

  • Rachel has been a voice that gently and firmly negotiates with my own inner critic, helping me to cautiously but courageously move toward what I really want out of life.

    — Adrienne Baggs

  • Working with Rachel has been a game-changer. She is inspirational, wise beyond her years, compassionate and the most loving person I know. With her help, I have learned to love myself.

    — Kathryn Gilmore

  • During our time working together, Rachel listened intently, provided clarity (always with an added dose of kindness and understanding) and pushed me gently towards living a more fulfilled life. I was always impressed by her wisdom and creativity and the ability to guide me in the right direction.

    — Tina Swanson

  • Rachel has a beautiful depth to her. She senses things that I don’t have to say. She isn’t afraid to ask me hard questions and still I know that she is rooting for my deeper truth because it’s her helping me to excavate it...I feel like I got lucky in finding her. Like she is one of the world’s best-kept secrets. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from working with Rachel.

    — Alicia Thiede

  • Every session I have had with Rachel is life shifting. I have gone from feeling like a stressed-out basket case to grounded, centered and rebalanced.

    — Amanda Love

  • Rachel is the definition of ease. She radiates stillness and peace – and it is highly contagious.

    — Marthe Hagen

  • Rachel is excellent at providing a safe, non-judgmental space so no matter what I was thinking or going through, I never felt like I couldn't talk about it. I always looked forward to meeting with her and my time working with her was truly valuable.

    — Mehroz Baig

  • It's difficult to articulate how much working with Rachel changed my life. Life before Rachel: disordered eating masquerading as 'a healthy diet'; Life after Rachel: PEACE (with food, with my body, with my desires, with life). Rachel is challenging, forthright and determined and won't let you settle for anything less than what you deserve, no matter what it takes. I feel so lucky to have experienced the game-changing power of her work.

    — Jess Heading


Individual Consultations


Do you ever have a sense that if you could just sit down and pick the brain of the right person you’d walk away totally energized, unstuck and clear?

If this is where you’re at and it’s my brain you want access to you can book a 90-minute consultation with me. During our time I’m all yours to talk, dream, scheme, and strategize.

This is not a life coaching session or an ongoing coaching relationship. Consulting is where I dish out solid advice, intuition, experience, resources, strategy, perspective, love and know-how for one and a half hours. 

Consulting sessions are for people who:

  • aren’t quite ready to jump into coaching with me but want my ear and wisdom. 

  • are stuck and just need a one-time jump start or third-party view from 30,000 feet. 

  • want a creative approach or a fresh solution. 

  • are seeking the counsel of someone who’s gone before and who they admire. 

Sessions cost $300 and may be broken up into one 60-minute and one 30-minute session or used as a single 90-minute session. 

Individual Consultation Praise

  • Rachel helped me access ease, a sense of purpose and the ability to “just be.” I felt securely wrapped in love because Rachel poured it into our consult. Rachel’s playfulness, intense wisdom and uplifting spirit lifted me into a place I had never been and was beyond grateful to reach.

    Donna Scarola

  • My consulting session with Rachel was one of the most practically and soulfully useful hours I’ve spent in a long time, and one that planted seeds of ease, self-trust, and inspiration.

    Elizabeth Bechard

  • Rachel was an open well of revelations, wisdom, and laser concise advisement during our consultation. She kept me on course with deep yet simple questions that spoke straight to the truth of the quest lurking patiently in my heart

    Kathy Stowell

  • In an incredibly short amount of time, Rachel was able to slice right to the heart of the issues I brought to the call together and to provide me with some very concrete steps to take to begin resolving them and making some proactive decisions for moving forward.

    Genie Gratto

  • There are few people in this world who you will have the distinct privilege of meeting and who will impact you and your outlook on life in a deep and transformative way. This is Rachel Cole. It was almost a year ago where I had a one-hour heart-jamming session, and I can, to this day (and for many days to come), speak of the impact this meeting had on me.

    — Sanaz Ebriani

  • Wow. Rachel didn’t waste any time getting to the meaty stuff. In less than 15 minutes she dove into the problem I had been struggling with for 6 months and provided me with clarity in my thoughts and faith in my decision.

    — Christina Simms


Intuitive Eating Mentorship Circles


For many people, they buy into Intuitive Eating mentally long before the practice sinks into their bones.

In my experience, having a guide as you attempt the day-to-day implementation of intuitive eating greatly hastens the speed at which mastery arrives. Mentoring people on this specific journey is one of my greatest passions and I believe it is enhanced when done in a group setting. 

Mentorship circles bring four to five intuitive eating practitioners together with me for 90-minute live video conference calls three times a month for three months (nine calls total).  This is not an introduction to Intuitive Eating but rather a support for people who have read Intuitive Eating (2010), attempted some level of implementation, and want help around any stumbling blocks that may have arisen.

The cost for all nine 90-minute sessions is $750, paid in three monthly installments of $250.

Mentorship Circle Praise

  • Rachel and the Intuitive Eating Mentorship Circle helped me to feel human again. The experience was wonderfully practical and nurturing at the same time.

    Kim H.

  • I knew Rachel's Intuitive Eating Mentorship Circle helpful toward consciously reengaging with Intuitive Eating and my relationship with food, but I didn't realize how necessary it'd be to reinvigorate my own growth in a gentle way.

    April Walters

  • Joining the Intuitive Eating Mentorship Circle with Rachel invited me to a reunion with myself, my own knowing, my own path, and my own peace.

    Sarah Flick



Once a year I run an intensive online course for women interested in going deeper into the wisdom of their hungers and the shape of their well-fed lives.

takes students on a 12-week journey towards:

  • Cultivating a self-compassion practice

  • Effectively coping with emotions

  • Embracing our sensitivities

  • Learning to eat intuitively

  • And feeding larger life hungers

To find out more and to sign up to be on the waiting list head over to the Feast page.

Feast Praise

  • Feast quite literally changed my life.
  • Week by week, my life began to transform...
  • This is the journey that I had been seeking for so long.
  • Feast was soul stirring!
  • I think Feast should be a required for every woman.
  • The experience of Feast has changed me at a soul level.

Have Questions?

What do I mean by Wise Hungers?

We can trust our body’s knowing.
We can trust our appetites.
We can trust what calls to us.
We can trust our desire.
We can trust what feels good.
When we’re lost the answer for what to do next often lies in listening for and heeding our hungers—our wise hungers.

What do I mean by Well-fed Lives?

A life that feeds you.

A life where we’re not at war with our wants but instead allied with them.

From our relationships to our careers to our creative pursuits to the dinner table, every area of our life is an opportunity to fill up.

Well-fed lives are about offering ourselves the whole loaf, not just the crumbs.

Well-fed lives are what we get when we walk towards the north star of our wise hungers.

Is this about food?

Yes and no.

In our disordered eating culture, it’s normal to have anywhere from a disconnected to a straight up adversarial relationship with food and our body. However, we can’t deny, minimize, and mute our food hungers without doing the same to all our hungers. It doesn’t work that way. 

When we’re having trouble honoring our food hungers it’s likely we’re also having trouble honoring our other life hungers because the wisdom comes from the same place: our gut.   

In my work, Intuitive Eating is often the doorway the greater ease across the board. 

Intuitive Eating is all about listening to and honoring the calls for what feeds us. Once we start to do this at the table, we can’t help but do this in all areas of our lives.

What about health? / What if I want to lose weight? / What about body image?

In a world that wants us to be smaller, more productive, less needy, and more airbrushed than we naturally are it’s easy to feel like we’re not enough or that we’re too much. In our efforts to abide by these oppressive norms we’re too often taken off course.

If you’re here, you might be hungry for:

  •  hearing your own inner wise voice loudly and embracing your differences
  •  stepping off the tightrope of trying to please and perform seeing yourself and your struggles in others
  •  telling your truth and beginning to let go of the need to be “good”
  •  coming to see your body with new eyes and inhabiting it unapologetically
  •  deprogramming from diet culture and learning to eat with so much less strife and confusion

You may hunger to find more harmony in your relationships, more alignment in your career, more fulfillment in your creative and leisure pursuits, more confidence in the example you are setting for your children, more pleasure in your body, more ability to advocate for your needs, more celebration of your sensitivities and vulnerabilities, more comfort with your contradictions, more connection to your own inner source of wisdom, and yes, more trust in all of your hungers.

This is radical work.