Hi, I’m Rachel.
I love hungers. 

I think it’s awesome that we don’t have to figure out what’s right for us so much as we have to listen, with a bit of discernment, for what does and doesn’t feed us.

I imagine you found your way here because you’re hungry.  

Maybe you want more ease with food. 
Maybe you want to feel more at home in your skin.
Maybe you’re hungry to reclaim parts of yourself that feel lost. 

Or maybe you want to the bigger parts of your life—relationships, career, parenthood—to feed you, instead of drain you. 


Regardless of what you’re hungry for, if you’re struggling to hear your hungers or to heed their call, you’re in the right place. I have dedicated nearly two decades of my life to supporting humans on this very journey.  


While today I think hungers are rad, I didn’t always think that.

Like so many, I spent a long time uneasy with my hungers. I was ashamed of them. I feared that I wanted too much. I was certain that if I felt my hungers they would be so big they would swallow me whole. I tried to override them. I tried to mute them. I tried to control them. 

In the end, the war with my hungers controlled me. 

And the saddest part is that all along my hungers were my greatest ally and source of guidance. 


The details of my story are pretty common.


I didn’t invent the belief that my hungers were not to be trusted.  No, we’re sold this from an early age. We’re told in a million different ways that safety, love, success, and power are the reward for conquering the big, bad hunger wolf. And that makes for good business. Trillions of dollars of industry thrive on you and me not trusting our hungers. The end result for too many of us is countless rides on the diet-binge roller coaster, years of attempting to satisfy ourselves with things we don’t actually want, and a palpable unrest. 

When I was told by a doctor at 20 that I had an eating disorder I was shocked. In my mind, smart feminists (which I considered myself to be) didn’t get eating disorders. From that day forward I dedicated myself to understanding how it was that I got so lost. In the process of discovering that trusting my food hungers was the way forward, I came to see that I had to trust all of my hungers. Being selective was not an option. 

This epiphany, coupled with a profound awakening to the Health at Every Size paradigm, Intuitive Eating, and the ways in which The Patriarchy was disempowering and distracting women through unrealistic and unhealthy ideals resulted in, well, you being here, reading this right now. 

In the span of time since I sat in that doctor’s office, I recovered, served as the Eating Disorder Prevention and Treatment health educator for a private college, earned my Master’s degree in Holistic Health Education and wrote my thesis on how we can feed ourselves (at the table and away) with ease, and have coached other’s toward this freedom for nearly a decade.



I believe in slow.

I believe kindness turned inward is the most potent medicine in the world.

I believe that to be highly sensitive is a form of genius.

I believe your experience is valid.

I believe cookies should be warm and the butter should reach to the edges of the toast.

I believe our politics are not separate from any area of our life.

I believe in naps.

I believe in changing our minds.

I believe in giving a voice to our needs.

I believe in the sovereignty of every body.

I believe in the mighty power of tenderness.

I believe feminism must be intersectional.

I believe in following the call of your hungers.

I believe dogs with beards are the best dogs.

I believe in resiliency.

I believe in being human together.

I believe diets are an oppressive tool of the patriarchy.



I bring to my practice certification in Intuitive Eating Counseling and certification in Life Coaching from The Coaches Training Institute and a Masters in Holistic Health Education from John F. Kennedy University. More than these résumé bullet points though, I bring exceptional warmth, intuition, candor, and agility to my clients.  


Personal Bits

These days you can find me in the San Francisco Bay Area where I live with my husband and our little girl. 

When motherhood allows for enough sleep I love to do the New York Times crossword puzzle, work in my vegetable garden, watch Jeopardy, and play bingo at the local senior center. Perhaps it sounds like I’m practicing for retirement but our lives should be made of what brings us joy and these activities, combined with the people I get to share them with,  do that for me entirely.  


Media & Press

My work in the world is all about guiding people to trust their hungers and feast on their lives. As a life coach and teacher, I live to share the wisdom and tools that have helped me and my clients to find peace with food, love for our bodies, and truly fulfilling lives.

If you are seeking a fresh voice with deep wisdom for a speaking engagement or private workshop or a warm, articulate expert for your story please get in touch.


Media Bios


Rachel Cole is a certified life coach, celebrated teacher, and speaker. She has spent nearly two decades guiding people to identify, understand and feed their truest hungers – at and away from the table. As an eating disorder survivor herself, Rachel speaks with great wisdom, sensitivity, and authority about what it takes to live a well-fed life in the modern world. She has traveled across the United States and internationally speaking and teaching to sold-out gatherings about how we can all find ease and fulfillment in our lives by honoring own hungers and inhabiting our bodies. Rachel holds a Masters Degree in Holistic Health Education, is a certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, and a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach.


Rachel Cole is an anti-diet, fat positive life coach and certified Intuitive Eating counselor. She has spent nearly two decades guiding people to identify, understand and feed their truest hungers – at and away from the table.


My nearly two decades as a guide, teacher, and advocate have equipped (and excited) me to speak with authority on a range of issues, including:


How to break free from diets and the dieter’s mentality | What to know about healing from eating disorders | How to improve body image | Why the Health At Every Size (HAES) movement is radical and correct | Intuitive eating 101 | How satisfying food hungers helps us to satisfy our life hungers


What self-care in the 21st century looks like | How (and why) to live a pleasure-based life | Why self-kindness is a super power | How to make peace with the inner critic | How to develop self-trust | Why the world needs well-fed people



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