Wisdom Notes for a Well-Fed Holiday


Imagine a holiday season that truly feeds you.

Imagine feasts that don’t leave you sick and stuffed, but instead leave you satiated and deeply pleasured.

Imagine festive parties that don’t leave you wanting more, but instead leave you connected and deeply joyful.

Imagine closing out the year in deeper relationship with yourself.

If this is the kind of holiday season you hunger for, one that will nourish you, Wisdom Notes for a Well-Fed Holiday can help.


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Starting November 24th (the week of American Thanksgiving) and ending December 31 (New Year’s Eve), Monday through Friday, you’ll receive a delicious and personal daily note from me.   

For these six weeks, and for only $30, I’ll be sharing inspiration for being well-fed (not well-stuffed) through this holiday season.

This will include personal reflections, practices, inquiries, and simple, grounding recipes.

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:: Staying connected to your body
:: Being with difficult emotions (and family members)
:: Eating in an attuned way
:: Embracing imperfection
:: Finding and experiencing joy and delight
:: Allowing life to be beautiful and messy
:: Tapping into the meaning and spirit of the season

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The 2014 Wisdom Notes are both a “Best Of” and “Sneak Peek”.

I’ve taken my favorite wisdom notes from the past two years, combined them with audio meditations from my upcoming program Feast (more on that soon!), and sprinkled in a few fresh gems. Plus, my sister, who is an amazing chef, will be sharing simple delicious recipes each Friday.

For all the gift giving and eating, this time of year is notorious for leaving us wanting more. It seems no amount of money spent or cookies eaten can really give us what we seek: a meaningful, restorative, and nourishing holiday.

The Wisdom Notes for a Well-Fed Holiday will guide you towards a way of being this season that feeds you.


Commonly asked questions . . .

Is this an e-course?

No. These are simple, daily notes that serve to inspire and guide you during the holiday season. There is no lesson plan or homework. You can use the notes as much or as little as is helpful to you. Some people will simply read them while others will adopt new daily practices to support themselves.

Is there a community component?

No. There are no discussion boards or a private Facebook group. My experience is that we have enough going on this time of year and Wisdom Notes are meant to make your life better and easier, not create more ways for you to be online.

I’m busy, will this take up a lot of my time?

I know your lives are full and these gentle notes will be powerful and brief.

What does it cost?

The six weeks of Wisdom Notes costs $30.

Can I give Wisdom Notes as a gift?

Absolutely!  You can purchase as many Wisdom Notes subscriptions as you’d like. Last year, one woman gave it has her holiday gift to all her girlfriends. Here’s what you need to do in order to give this gift:

:: Make sure your shopping cart, upon check out has the number of subscriptions you want to order
:: Email the full name(s) and email address(es) of the recipient(s) to me (rachel at rachelwcole.com) after check out.
:: Make sure to inform your recipient before November 24th that they will be receiving Wisdom Notes as a gift.


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