Women’s Guided Reading Groups


If you’ve ever read a book, felt inspired, and then not changed one thing about your life, you’re in the right place.

If you’ve ever craved a book club that dove deep into the material while overflowing with laughter and support, you’re in the right place.

If you’ve ever looked at your book shelf and thought “I’m not buying one more book until I implement what I’ve learned from what I’ve already read”, you’re in the right place.

I offer these groups because becoming a Well-Fed Woman doesn’t happen on our own – it happens in intimate community and through transformative learning.

I know first hand how important books can be to our healing and awakening paths. What I’ve learned in the pages of books has revolutionized my life. I credit my readings with helping me turn a hungry life into a well-fed one. In fact, the very reason I became a life coach and not a therapist was so I could harness reading and information in my service to women. My coaching clients will tell you they are never without a thought-provoking reading assignment. Brilliant books are my assistant teachers and these groups are an exciting way for you to access us both.

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How it Works

The Books

Each group focuses on one book.

At present I am running groups for Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch.

The 2014 Spring/Summer groups have kicked off. Be sure you’re subscribed to my newsletter list to find out when new groups are forming!

Subsequent groups may read Women, Food, & God by Geneen Roth, Health at Every Size by Linda Bacon, or other favorites.

The Logistics

Each group runs for six weeks with weekly 90-minute telecalls. Groups consist of just 4-5 women who, in addition to the weekly calls, have a private Facebook group to convene in.

My Role

Using my coaching expertise and personal experiences I serve as a guide, mentor, teacher, tour guide, and companion on the journey. I provide weekly reading and activity assignments. Because the groups are small, each woman receives a significant amount of individual support.  While optional, much discussion and learning takes place in the private Facebook group where members can request support, ask questions, share resources, and celebrate successes.

It’s important to note that these groups are guided reading groups and not:

:: Therapy groups or a substitute for eating disorder treatment.  If you have an eating disorder or other mental health condition that pertains to this work, you must also be receiving care from a licensed professional and disclose this in your application.

:: Weight loss accountability groups. We will not be pursuing weight loss, discussing weight loss, or celebrating weight loss. These groups, where applicable, will be focused on having peace with food, being attuned to our body, and accepting ourselves.

:: One on one coaching. If you want more personal attention than the weekly calls, you can arrange this!

Your Role

Each member is expected to:

:: Read the assigned readings before joining our weekly call.

:: Attend each weekly call for the six weeks.

:: Engage in the material not only on our calls but in your own life.

:: Keep confidentiality of the group members and what is shared on our calls.

The Cost

Each 6-week group costs $300.

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How to Apply

The 2014 Spring/Summer groups have kicked off. Be sure you’re subscribed to my newsletter list to find out when new groups are forming! 

I want you to live and breathe the wisdom of these authors.

I long for you to feel at home in your body, attuned to your hungers, and deeply satisfied in your life.

I want for you to know that you are not alone and others are traveling this road right beside you.

I am excited for you to experience the power of reading in community with expert, personal support.

These groups are like lightening bolts to learning and transformation. It’s a total honor to lead them.

Is it time for you to supercharge your learning? Is it time for your bookshelf to be of better service to you?

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