Ease Hunting


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What if in addition to minimizing stress we maximized ease?

What if we became seekers of space, breathers of deep breaths, and revolutionaries in our commitment to soften?

What if we were hunters of ease?

The truth is that I love Rachel Cole and do so for many reasons. Rachel sees your heart and holds safe space for it. She does this both with great depth and always with a twinkle in her eye. She sees beyond pain and into what wants to happen- and I love this part, she does so with ease and helps you slip into the ease of it all.  Never with pretension and always from love, Rachel’s work is nourishment for the soul and balm for the heart.

I’d go on any adventure with her as I’ll have a companion that is both a rock and a champion for a well-fed life.  Ease begins with saying yes to Rachel’s Ease Hunting. It’s really saying yes to your deep desires, even the ones that have felt beyond reach or too big to claim.  You will no doubt love her too- and yourself all the more.

Rachel fosters inspiration and ease in others by being courageous enough to speak her truth. It just also happens to be what’s true for me so much of the time. I leave Rachel feeling seen and loved anyway. Does it get any more healing than that?

How Ease Hunting came to be . . .

You might know me as The Well-Fed Woman.

Over the 2012 holiday season I offered six weeks of daily “Wisdom Notes” to support people wanting to have a well-fed holiday.

In these Notes, I spoke of how we can let go of those things that don’t serve us and invite in that which feeds us, especially that time of year. I wrote about how we look after each other and ourselves. I shared grounding recipes and deep prayers for compassion.

Of all the Notes I wrote, one especially resonated with the subscribers in a big big way. This note, on the idea of Ease Hunting, was asking for more space and attention.

As the strong, positive responses poured into my inbox I gave some thought to Ease Hunting and how it has supported me in my life and in becoming a Well-Fed Woman.

I felt called to go deeper and wider with what had been just a single Wisdom Note.

And thus the Ease Hunting journey was born.

“Hi Rachel, I’ve been wanting to write and thank you for your “Ease Hunting” course. It really was, and continues to be, a blessing in my life. Little did I know that it would help me stay more centered during a recent life-shift…I find myself more centered and more able to “go with the flow” during what is otherwise a Topsy-Turvy time. As a result of “Ease Hunting” my morning devotional/meditation time means more to me now than ever, too. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us all.”

Rachel is one of the most inspiring and real teachers and healers I know.

Rachel is the definition of ease. She radiates stillness and peace – and it is highly contagious. I have had the honor of both being coached by Rachel and receiving her wonderful Wisdom Notes – and I have to say that both times Rachel has managed to outdo my expectations.

I have learned so much about myself, and I can definitely see that our work together has helped me become more compassionate and gentle towards both myself and other people. 

Rachel is one of the most inspiring and real teachers and healers I know.

I’ve been there . . .

Putting the Ease Hunting journey together felt effortless in the way that things do when you’re on the right track. I attribute this ‘ease’ to the fact that I know all too well what it’s like to go through life as one big anxious knot.

In fact, this is how I went through too much of my life. If lack of ease leads you to sleepless nights – I’ve been there.

If lack of ease leads you to being in a relationship, job, or home where relaxation is elusive – I’ve been there.

If lack of ease leads you to feeling as if you’re not at home in your own skin – I know what that’s like, all too well. If lack of ease means your shoulders are permanently tight and life feels like a house of cards or tightrope walk – I’ve been there too.

If lack of ease has you going through life without really breathing – I can surely relate.

I know all of this and it no longer describes my life. Not even close.

I’ve spent years deeply cultivating ease and it’s siblings, pleasure and joy.

I’ve become a missionary for ease because it is what too many of us need and what has helped to transform my life.

If you desire to breath more freely in your life, I would love to share the magic of Ease Hunting with you.

Whenever I connect with Rachel, I feel a noticeable exhale in my body. My shoulders soften, my jaw relaxes and I drop into the deep and embodied wisdom she offers. I recommend Rachel and her beautiful work all the time; she is the Huntress and Wise Leader of Ease in all the ways we so desperately need.

The Ease Hunting journey costs $75 and offers you 30 days of:

• Creative, tangible daily practices that help you find more ease in your life

• A like-hearted community of ease hunters and a private online space within which to connect, learn, share, and receive support.

• 2 live tele-calls, where I provide on-the-spot coaching and conversation about finding ease amidst the frenzy of real-life. Calls will be recorded for those who cannot attend.

• 3 soothing audio meditations.

• Expert Ease Hunting audio interviews with Andrea Scher, Michele Lisenbury-Christensen, Marianne Elliott, Tara Sophia Mohr, Jennifer Louden, and Randi Buckley.

Our hunt will take us into our whole lives. We’ll be finding spaciousness, alignment, acceptance, and relaxation in our bodies, homes, relationship, emotions, and more.

The course is also designed so you can do as much or as little as fits into your life while still experiencing lots of benefits.

During our hunt, I made friends with Ease, found Presence while sinking in quicksand, and practiced Softness in the most rugged of terrains. Ease is no longer magical, mysterious, or for other women and I visit her daily.

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My work with Rachel has brought about a sense of peace and ease I never knew before. The critical voices in my head, while not completely erased, have been quieted to the point that they no longer rule my life. She taught me how to look at my body without hatred and loathing – with her guidance I now feel a sense of tenderness. Rachel helped me discover that I don’t have to battle my way through life … the self-love and compassion she taught me have allowed me to call a truce.

I asked former Ease Hunters what they would say to those considering joining the hunt, here’s what they shared:

“Just do it! Rachel will lead you on an incredible journey filled with her wonderful wisdom, mindfulness and insight into the world of ‘ease’. Ease Hunting is rich with kindness, thought provoking discussions and sharing with likeminded women who made me feel as if we would be the dearest of friends if we had the opportunity. I am so very grateful to Rachel and the beautiful women who shared so much of themselves during Ease Hunting. It really did make a wonderful difference in how I perceive and handle indelicate thoughts, emotions and even people in my life.”

“I found it easy to fit in with my ongoing and day-to-day life, but it changed my approach that in so many ways, too. Rachel is so great at inspiring discussions.”

“It’s worth it. You get fun, insightful steps during the course and a whole toolbox to take with you.”

“Rachel’s gentle leadership and insightful process got me to reconsider my approach to the pressures I’ve been under. I’m so glad I took the course.”

“It’s like a yoga class for your mind.”

“An Ease Hunting journey with Rachel Cole is a wise and generous gift to yourself that keeps on giving. Along the way you will get to meet some amazing women, discover rich nourishment and inspiration and explore paths towards greater self – acceptance and connectedness. You are so worth this!”

“Do it! You will come away with a greater peace and many ways to find ease in your everyday life. You will discover so many new places where ease is just waiting for you but you don’t “see” it or “sense” it. It is worth the time you will spend with it and also every penny.”

Wondering if Ease Hunting is for you?

If you’re thinking “It won’t work for me, I’m too stressed and tense.”

If you desire more ease and are willing to make just a little space in your daily life for a few weeks, Ease Hunting could be a powerful support in decreasing your stress. It’s not about how stressed you are, it’s about how ready you are to catch your breath.

If you’re thinking “I’m too busy.” or “What if I fall behind?”

Only you can know if you have space in your life for Ease Hunting. I can tell you that it will require just 10-20 minutes most days. The live tele-calls will be recorded and if you can’t make them you can listen at your leisure, along with the audio interviews and meditations. I designed Ease Hunting to make your life ease-ier, not more stressful.

If you’re thinking “I want a course where I have access to the teacher.”

I will be available on the two live-calls to provide on-the-spot coaching for anyone who’s stuck or wanting some clarity. I’ll also be actively participating in the community discussions. I will be available over email if any problem arises. And, of course, you and I can explore one-on-one coaching if that would support you.

If you’re thinking “I’m not tech savvy.”

Ease Hunting couldn’t be easier. If you have a computer, a phone, a notebook, and a pen you’re set. The online component is simple with each week and each activity laid out clearly.

If you’re wondering “Is there a tangible take away?”

Yes. Greater ease. You will be supported in finding ease in the corners of your life where shoulders are tight, your breath is held, and you are wincing under the pressure. What you learn on the hunt can and ought to be applied well beyond the 30 days we’ll be together.

Rachel is truly a gift for ease-seekers.  She has a way of ushering in ease that is gentle but effective–asking just the right question, digging just deep enough, or simply just empathizing.  I literally always leave a conversation with Rachel with a sense of uplifting calm.

So, again, I ask–

What if in addition to minimizing stress we maximized ease?

What if we became seekers of space, breathers of deep breaths, and revolutionaries in our commitment to soften?

What if we were hunters of ease?

I invite you to discover more gentleness with yourself.

I invite you to discover softness in your body.

I invite you to discover spaciousness where life feels cramped.

I invite you to discover sanctuary in the everyday.