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  • Jennifer Louden


Welcome to my shop!

This is where I offer you the absolute best of my teachings in a wide range of wonderful formats.

More than anything, I want you to live your life full up and I’ve created everything you’ll find here to support you in doing just that. To help you have a truly well-fed life.

How hungry are you?

Digital Books & Programs


Women’s Guided Reading Groups

The 2014 Spring/Summer groups have kicked off. Be sure you’re subscribed to my newsletter list to find out when new groups are forming!

Six weeks of reading a transformative book with intimate community and expert, guided support.

Learn more $300

Wisdom Notes

Wisdom Notes for a Well-Fed Holiday

Registration will reopen in November 2014

Six weeks of daily notes to your inbox with bite-sized tips, practices and inspiration for a well-fed (not stuffed) holiday season.

Learn more $30

Ease Hunting

Not currently scheduled.  

An in-depth journey of discovering life’s every exhale.

Through creative daily practices, a like-hearted community of ease hunters, supportive tele-calls, audio mediations, and expert interviews we will set out together on a hunt for ease.

Learn more $75

Books in Print

The Porridge Manifesto

The Porridge Manifesto
by Rachel W. Cole

An amazing life starts with an amazing breakfast.

Transform your breakfast overnight from blah to hurrah, and start your day in a nourishing way with this fresh little DIY guide. 38 pages.

Buy now $14.95

Wisdom: An Invitation from Rachel W. Cole

An Invitation from Rachel W. Cole

I’m positively addicted to wisdom. I love collective wisdom. The Wisdom book project is about collecting OUR wisdom.

Each blank book goes out. Is created by a many hands, hearts, and minds. And comes back to be shared with the world. 54 pages.

Buy now $9.95

Event Tickets

For information on upcoming events and to buy tickets head over the Events page.