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A Women’s Retreat in Esperero Canyon

from Rachel W. Cole

In secluded Esperero Canyon in northern Tucson, Arizona, when the annual monsoons arrive, the creek bed flows again, the mighty saguaro cacti swell and plump, and the air is perfumed with the unmistakable aroma of the creosote bush. This brief but intense rainfall can sustain life for the dry year ahead.

A good retreat does for us what a monsoon rain does for the desert: it fills the well.

If your well is running dry, I invite you to join me for a powerful long weekend of filling up.

For women who attend Replenish, their need for rest, time in nature, creative expression, community, quiet, body-tending, play, and introspection will be fulfilled.

If four days of rain can sustain a desert for months ahead,
I believe that four days of retreat can do the same for you.


Drink your morning coffee with the hummingbirds, take nature walks amidst the majestic saguaros, and gaze nightly at the glittering Tucson stars.


Far away from the noise of a city, get offline, feel permission to simply be, take daily siestas, enjoy the quiet, and catch your breath.

Body Care

Feast on wholesome, organic, homemade meals, unwind with massage and restorative yoga, and let your body lead the way.


Be guided towards naming your hungers and leave with a clearer vision of what your well-fed life tastes like.


Gather around the table with like-hearted women, warm your soul during evening fireside chats, and share your true self within the embrace of the Canyon.

Replenish is for you if...

Your tank is running low

You know that nature heals

Your body wants to be the center of your attention

You're ready to catch your breath

Your hungers want to be named and fed

You need space and time to hear your own voice again

How Replenish Came to Be…

For many years, I crisscrossed the country leading retreats, sometimes facilitating over ten a year. I stopped because the travel was burning me out. Since then, I have longed to find a way to offer retreats in a more sustainable way.

Enter Esperero Canyon.

My mother grew up in Tucson, Arizona. Around the time I was born, my grandparents finished building a home in Esperero Canyon so that they could be immersed in the vibrant and wild desert flora and fauna. That home served (and still serves) as my second home. I spent a lot of my childhood scampering among the cacti, feeding the birds and wild animals, and soaking in the sacred, full-sensory experience that is Esperero.

How Replinish Came to Be
Wedding Day

This past January, I was married in the Canyon and saw both the power of this place to deeply touch people, and an opportunity to offer retreats on my own familial land, in my own way.

I’m inviting you to attend the kind of retreat that I know so many women are hungry for. Replenish will feed your hunger for rest, quiet, slowing down, nature, body-care, and creative play. It’s the kind of retreat I would want to attend where the days aren’t overly scheduled, the activities are restorative and thought provoking, and feeding your hungers is what it’s all about.

In Spanish, esperero means a place of, or for hope. Esperero Canyon and my grandparents' home serve as a container, a muse, a healer, and an active participant in the retreat. It’s unlike any place you’ve ever been.


Friday, October 20th

  • 8:30 a.m. Welcome & breakfast
  • 10:30 a.m. Morning activity
  • 12:30 p.m. Lunch
  • 1:30 p.m. Free time
  • 4:00 p.m. Afternoon activity
  • 6:00 p.m. Dinner
  • 7:30 p.m. Fire circle

Saturday, October 21st

  • 7:30 a.m. Self-serve breakfast
  • 10:30 a.m. Morning activity
  • 12:30 p.m. Lunch
  • 1:30 p.m. Free time
  • 4:00 p.m. Afternoon activity
  • 6:00 p.m. Dinner
  • 7:30 p.m. Guided stargazing

Sunday, October 22nd

  • 8:00 a.m. Gentle wake up yoga
  • 10:00 a.m. Brunch
  • 11:30 a.m. Morning activity
  • 1:30 p.m. Free time
  • 5:00 p.m. Dinner
  • 7:00 p.m. Fire circle + s'mores

Monday, October 23rd

  • 8:30 a.m. Breakfast
  • 10 a.m. Closing circle
How Replinish Came to Be
Group Activities

Free time

During our afternoon free time, you’ll have the option to take a siesta, hike in the canyon, make art, meditate, journal, or receive your 60-minute massage. It’s your time to get what you need.

Group activities

Our time together as an intimate group of no more than 10 women will be spent filling our well through essential Well-fed Woman exercises, the practice of “wild writing,” and opportunities for creative expression and internal reflection. Each retreat participant will complete a pre-retreat Replenish assessment so that I can customize our time together to meet your needs.

*Subject to change

Retreat Fee & Accommodations

Retreat Fee

(does not include accommodations)


Early bird pricing available until June 15th


June 15th or after


  • Daily group activities with Rachel and guest leaders
  • One 60-minute massage
  • All your meals (4 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 3 dinners, as well as snacks, coffee, and tea—homemade and organic)

Accommodation Options

All accommodation prices include lodging for four nights (Thursday, October 19th arrival and Monday, October 23rd departure).

You can choose to pay for the retreat
(fee + accommodations) in full or in three installations.

Pricing Info

Nearby Mountain View Condo

Sleeps 5 people

There is limited space onsite for lodging, but just a few minutes drive away I have rented a beautiful private condo with unobstructed views of the Catalina mountains. The property has three swimming pools (two are heated) and two hot tubs.

Room One – SOLD OUT
$350 Twin Bed A
$350 Twin Bed B
Private bathroom with shower

Room Two
$300 Twin Bed C – BOOKED
$300 Twin Bed D
Shared bathroom with shower/tub

Room Three – SOLD OUT
$600 Queen bed
Shared bathroom with shower/tub

Replinish - Room One / Room Two
Room One / Room Two
Replinish - Room Three
Room Three

Casa Esperero Guest House Room

Sleeps 2 people

Stay onsite in the rustic Casa Esperero guest house just steps away from our activities and meals. Bathroom, with a shower and bathtub, is shared amongst three people.

Room Four – SOLD OUT
$300 Twin Bed A
$300 Twin Bed B

Replinish - Casa Espero Guest House Room
Replinish - Casa Espero Guest House Room

Private Canyon Casita - SOLD OUT

Sleeps 2 people

Nestled a little further into the canyon than Casa Esperero, this blissful private home is built right into the boulders and offers the ultimate in comfort and retreat. The casita includes a full kitchen and living room. With one queen bed, this option can be split between two women who don’t mind sharing a bed, or can be for one person who wants to treat herself to the quintessential retreat experience.

$1200 for one person
$600/each for two people

Replinish - Private Canyon Casita
Replinish - Private Canyon Casita
Early Bird Total (Retreat Fee + Accommodation) Sign up before 6/15 Standard Total (Retreat Fee + Accommodation) Sign up on 6/15 or after
Nearby Condo Twin bed in a shared room, private bathroom $1150 $1350
Nearby Condo Twin bed in a shared room, shared bathroom $1100 $1300
Nearby Condo Queen bed in a private room $1400 $1600
Casa Esperero Twin bed in a shared room $1100 $1300
Private Canyon Casita For two women (price per person) $1400 $1600
Private Canyon Casita For one person $2000 $2200
Accommodation Options
Nearby Condo Twin bed in a shared room, private bathroom
Early Bird Total (Retreat Fee + Accommodation) Sign up before 6/15 $1150
Standard Total (Retreat Fee + Accommodation) Sign up on 6/15 or after $1350
Nearby Condo Twin bed in a shared room, shared bathroom
Early Bird Total (Retreat Fee + Accommodation) Sign up before 6/15 $1100
Standard Total (Retreat Fee + Accommodation) Sign up on 6/15 or after $1300
Nearby Condo Queen bed in a private room
Early Bird Total (Retreat Fee + Accommodation) Sign up before 6/15 $1400
Standard Total (Retreat Fee + Accommodation) Sign up on 6/15 or after $1600
Casa Esperero Twin bed in a shared room
Early Bird Total (Retreat Fee + Accommodation) Sign up before 6/15 $1100
Standard Total (Retreat Fee + Accommodation) Sign up on 6/15 or after $1300
Private Canyon Casita For two women (price per person)
Early Bird Total (Retreat Fee + Accommodation) Sign up before 6/15 $1400
Standard Total (Retreat Fee + Accommodation) Sign up on 6/15 or after $1600
Private Canyon Casita For one person
Early Bird Total (Retreat Fee + Accommodation) Sign up before 6/15 $2000
Standard Total (Retreat Fee + Accommodation) Sign up on 6/15 or after $2200

A nonrefundable deposit of $400 is required to reserve your space and is credited toward your total fee. Once your deposit has been received, you’ll receive a follow up email to determine whether you will pay your remaining balance in full or in three installments, and what, if any, dietary restrictions you have.

Please note: your airfare, transportation to/from Esperero Canyon, and your dinner Thursday night are not included.

The Dates

October 20-23, 2017

The Venue

My grandparent’s home in
Esperero Canyon, Tucson, AZ

The Price

$1100 – $2200
Early bird pricing available before June 15, 2017.
Payment plans are available.

There are currently 10 1 places available.

Secure your spot with a nonrefundable deposit of $400.

Retreating with Rachel is a dream because she creates such a clear container for the experience -- her intuitive, laser-pointed teaching helps you unfold the questions you arrived with, and her modeling of rest and self-care gives you no choice (in a great way!), but to give yourself the same permission.

Anna Guest-Jelley

One of the most amazing things about going to a retreat with Rachel is the warm and supportive community that she attracts. Rachel's events are always well designed and paced in a way that gives you time to process and begin to incorporate the new ideas into your life. If you're looking for a thought-provoking opportunity to jump-start some personal growth, this is it.

Keri Christensen

Rachel has a beautiful, empathic gift of being able to meet people right where they are - even if the space that you’re standing on feels a bit wobbly when you get there. She’s a fantastic teacher who knows and sticks to her objectives during sessions, and truly gives so much of herself when you’re in her space that it’s like you’re talking to that one best friend who can be totally honest with you - and all you can do is sit up straight and say, “You’re right.” If you’re on the fence about whether to work with her, climb down off the fence onto Rachel’s side, kick off your shoes, settle in, and know you’re in a place that will be good for your heart, soul, mind and body.

Chris Wilcox

Rachel Cole's retreat gave me so many pleasures: the company of smart, warm, and interesting women, an oasis from work and family in which to recharge, and a whole new way to think about food, exercise, and my relationship with my body. Working with Rachel is like making a new wise friend and ally. Financially it was a stretch for me, but worth every cent. There is not a day that goes by that I do not practice the new skills and ways of thinking I learned on the retreat. I am much happier now.

Helen Morales

To be on retreat with Rachel is to be held deeply in the presence of quiet, mindfulness, and space. Her work is about women feeding their true hungers and the experiences that I have had with her at a couple of her in-person retreats have been about slowing down and allowing the space for my voice and my true hungers to be heard. We often get so caught up in the day-to-day of living that our needs get drowned out and so it was such an amazing experience to be given complete permission to steep in myself and my process with someone who is masterful at honoring the feminine hunger.

Valerie Tookes

About Rachel

Hi! You can read my formal bio over here, but the main thing to know is that I’ve been coaching, teaching, and leading retreats for women for many years.

My work grew out of my own journey from mistrust to deep trust of my hungers, my body, and my worth. Over the years, I have helped hundreds of women find this same inner ease. There is just no substitute for the magic that happens in-person, offline, and away from the noise of our day-to-day lives. I believe wholly in the power of retreat. It’s an honor to be a guide, coach, hostess, and companion for these gatherings.

Rachel and her mom in Esperero Canyon in 1984
That's me and my mom, in Esperoro Canyon in about 1984.
It's always been my happy place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get 1:1 coaching from Rachel?

While there won’t be dedicated one-on-one coaching sessions, I’ll be there leading the activities, guiding the discussions, holding the space, and yes, offering some coaching.

I have dietary restrictions. Can they be accommodated?

Yes, we will try to accommodate most dietary needs and allergies such as vegetarianism, gluten-free, etc. Extreme restrictive needs may require that you provide your own food.

Will I need to rent a car?

Maybe/Likely. Once the retreat has been filled, attendees will be put in touch with each other to coordinate sharing car rentals and rides. Tucson is big and things are spread far apart (land was cheap when it was built) so getting around via public transportation is not a good option and a taxi to/from the airport can be very expensive ($65+ one way). If you don’t share a car rental, it’s strongly advised that you rent one on your own.

Isn’t the desert dry and hot? Why would I want to retreat there?

The desert is one of the most misunderstood climates. Many people who have never spent much time in the desert think that because it gets relatively minimal rainfall, it’s lifeless, and that because the temperatures can be high, it’s not a dreamy destination. On the contrary, the Sonoran Desert of Arizona is magical, full of life, and will transport you to another world. Yes, we will drink more water, stay inside during the peak heat of the day, and wear sunscreen, but there are few other places as wonderful as here.

When we’re there in late October, the temperatures will be starting to cool and the monsoons will have just ended. The average highs for this time of year are in the low eighties and the average lows are in the fifties.

What happens if I can’t come or change my mind?

If we are able to find a replacement for you, then a refund, less your nonrefundable deposit, will be returned to you. Otherwise, no refunds will be offered. Please think carefully before signing up.

What airport should I fly into?

You will want to fly into Tucson International Airport. Aeromar, Alaska, American, Delta, Southwest, and United all fly there. Alternatively, you can fly into Phoenix, but you’ll have a two-hour drive both ways.

What time do I need to arrive? When should I book my flight to depart?

Please arrive by the evening of Thursday, October 19th (you are responsible for any meals on Thursday). We will begin first thing on Friday morning. We will end the retreat by 11AM on Monday, October 23rd. The airport is an hour away from our location, more if you need to return a rental car.

What if I want to spend extra time exploring Tucson? Can you suggest things I might do/see?

Yes! A full list of suggestions for the many amazing things to see, do, and eat will be provided to all attendees. Tucson is full of wonders to discover and I highly recommend you tack on some time to explore if you can.

I need this retreat, but the accommodation option I want is sold out. What do I do?

If you try to sign up and find that the only accommodation option(s) you want is sold out, please email me at rachel@rachelwcole.com to get on the waiting list.

I have a place to stay in Tucson, can I sign up and commute each day?

The spirit of retreat is to step away from or outside of our day to day lives and in this case, to circle intimately with a small group of women hungry for the same respite. As such each participant is required to stay at one of the offered accommodations.

I’m on the fence. How can I know if Replenish is right for me?

Please feel free to email me at rachel@rachelwcole.com with your questions. I’m happy to help support your making the best decision for you at this time.

Esperero Canyon has always been — since the day I was born — the place I feel most connected to the earth. It’s the place I go for sanctuary, the place that restores me.

Now I invite you to experience this same magic.
She has more than enough to give.

You’re invited to take space and time just for you.
Space and time where you’re tended to on every level.
Space and time where you’ll be encouraged back to yourself -- to your truth, your wisdom, your laughter, your body, and your rhythm.