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What They’re Saying

Rachel is a pioneering voice, chronicling her own courageous journey and sharing it with a tribe of women eager to learn from her wisdom. She challenges the dominant cultural paradigm--that women have to control their hungers--and instead shows us all another way.
–Tara Sophia Mohr
Rachel Cole is a powerhouse. A burst of bright, wise and soulful energy that can help any individual or business blossom. She is just the right combination of energetic, whip smart and highly creative– just the person you want as your ally.
I love being in Rachel’s presence. She is wise, curious and, most of all, present. I always learn something from a conversation, video or live event with her – something valuable and beautiful. I would highly recommend learning with her – and I say “with her” because she is always open and learning herself – which is one reason she is wise!  
–Jennifer Louden,Author & Teacher

Life Coaching

Every time I think of Rachel offering herself to others as a coach, my soul smiles. The world has been waiting for her – a coach uniquely qualified to work with people seeking a life that is nourishing. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is exactly why you are here reading this. She just may be the coach you have been waiting for. In addition to her external training and qualifications, Rachel has what I consider the essential interior qualities of a superior coach: 1. a soft, open heart – it is only with a heart like this that one can truly listen without judgment and it is also the only place to access the intuition that guides great coaching; 2. personal experience with profound change – though she is young in years, Rachel has acquired deep wisdom through challenging life experiences; 3. a commitment to and a reverence for the integral beauty that exists in every single human being, no matter what costume it is dressed up in at any given moment. I am blessed to have Rachel in my life and it deeply satisfies me to think of all the people who will be similarly blessed when they work with her.
–Lianne Raymond,Life Coach
Rachel supported me in bringing my darkest secret of a life-long eating disorder into the light. Her unwavering ethic, presence and love offered me a sense of security and support as I embarked on the journey of transformation. She artfully facilitated the creation of a team of experts to assist me in this massive healing process. I am so excited to be able to say that I am over a year into a more complete recovery than I ever imagined possible. I genuinely no longer feel the pendulum swinging between restriction and bingeing. Compulsion is gone; I am in now in a state of deep choice. I feel free, balanced and in authentic alignment with my values. I am deeply grateful to Rachel for holding me through this life changing metamorphosis.
–Natalie Forsythe,Life Coach
During our first call, something just clicked – our connection was so easy, and I knew I wanted to spend time working with Rachel. I thought that developing a coaching relationship over the phone would be tough, but it wasn’t at all. Every conversation felt like I was sitting across the kitchen table from Rachel. Through our talks, she helped me find clarity in my purpose and urged me on with the kind of cheerleading that can only be given by someone who truly believes in you. I have grown so much in our six months of working together – this time was invaluable.
–Cindy Scovel,Financial Analyst
Within the first 20 minutes of talking to Rachel, she had already pinpointed some of my most desire-inhibiting patterns. She pushed me but instead of running in the other direction, I set up a 3 month coaching schedule. Since then, I’ve officially started my own business (yikes!), submitted my first piece of writing to a local magazine and have a website in the works. But more importantly, Rachel has been a voice that gently and firmly negotiates with my own inner critic, helping me to cautiously but courageously move toward what I really want out of life.  
–Adrienne Baggs,Yoga Teacher & Psychotherapist
I met Rachel when I went to one of her Retreatshops, it was amazing, gathering in a circle like that, sitting with Rachel – I knew that I wanted to work with her one-on-one. She has this beautiful, warm energy, it envelopes you so that you feel safe, cared for, protected. I leave each call with her feeling completely supported and loved.
–Jenn Gibson,Roots of She
As a coach, Rachel Cole is not only devilishly imaginative and eerily intuitive, but she’s got the balls to tell you exactly the way she sees it and she’s absolutely on target. Thank god for Rachel because I wouldn’t even consider working on the project I’m building now without her invaluable input. She is a treasured guide on the path of life; full of heart, humor and spirit. She’s the first coach I would recommend to anyone looking for one.  
–Laurie Wagner,27 Powers
Working with Rachel has been a game changer. She is inspirational, wise beyond her years, compassionate and the most loving person I know. With her help I have learned to love myself. The critical voices have softened. I have become more authentic. Rachel has been gently leading me down a path of acceptance, loving kindness and mindfulness that has restored my faith in others … and myself.
–Kathryn Gilmore,Writer & Producer
Spending time working with Rachel is like spending time with an old friend. I knew from our initial coaching conversation that she was someone I could connect with. During our time working together Rachel listened intently, provided clarity (always with an added dose of kindness and understanding) and pushed me gently towards living a more fulfilled life. I was always impressed by her wisdom and creativity and the ability to guide me in the right direction. I am so thankful that our paths crossed and we had the opportunity to work together. I am forever changed because of it. Thank you Rachel, thank you.  
–Tina Swanson,Graphic Designer
I stumbled upon Rachel’s work in a cosmic way and from that moment on it has been beautiful and stirring. I hadn’t worked with a coach before and wasn’t exactly sure what to expect in working with Rachel. She made me feel comfortable and heard from the very beginning. There was never an awkward “get to know you” stage, we fell into a beautiful groove and I am so extremely thankful for that. Rachel has a beautiful depth to her. She senses things that I don’t have to say. She isn’t afraid to ask me hard questions and still I know that she is rooting for my deeper truth because it’s her helping me to excavate it. Rachel shines through every call that I have with her. I get off the phone feeling as if I can take on the world and the beautiful thing is that she stirs me to carry that with me into every day. The assignments that she gives me are always right on and help me to continue in my truth seeking. I feel like I got lucky in finding her. Like she is one of the world’s best kept secrets. And I have a feeling that one day not too long from now I’ll be saying that I knew her when she was just beginning her coaching path. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from working with Rachel, however if you are in a shifting period and sense yourself being called to something more and you have a longing for someone to cheer you on in that path, then Rachel is your girl.  
–Alicia Thiede,Milagro Girl
Every session I have had with Rachel is life shifting. I have gone from feeling like a stressed out basket case to grounded, centered and rebalanced. She always affirms and honors my feelings and helps me to discover my own truth about every situation. Rachel helps me to truly feel into my power and leaves me with hope that I can have the life of my dreams…simply by changing my outlook. Her wisdom and patience and listening leave me feeling truly heard and seen and met. I thank Rachel and her profound depth for changing my life.  
–Amanda Love,Healing Chef & Teacher
Rachel is the definition of ease. She radiates stillness and peace – and it is highly contagious. I have had the honor of both being coached by Rachel and receiving her wonderful Wisdom Notes – and I have to say that both times Rachel has managed to outdo my expectations. I have learned so much about myself, and I can definitely see that our work together has helped me become more compassionate and gentle towards both myself and other people. Rachel is one of the most inspiring and real teachers and healers I know.  
–Marthe Hagen,Life Coach & Writer
Wow. Rachel didn’t waste any time getting to the meaty stuff. In less than 15 minutes she dove into the problem I had been struggling with for 6 months and provided me with clarity in my thoughts and faith in my decision. When uncertainty, fear, and doubt are taking over Rachel is able to provide gentle nudging and guidance that paves the way for you to find your own voice and trust it when it speaks.
–Christina Simms

Retreatshops & Live Events

Today I received the gift of hope. I got a chance to imagine a feel-good life where I could be the star. I got to reach deep into my own wisdom, pull out a need and sit with it. It wasn't nearly as scary as I thought it would be. It was vulnerable, but this room was filled with brave, kind, generous women all being real. We got to be toddlers, learning to walk together. Fumbling around imperfectly. This Retreatshop came at exactly the right time for me. I heard what I needed to hear and soaked up Rachel's example of being gentle, being imperfect, and being willing to pause. I got a lot from today and am leaving inspired!
–Allison Kenny,Business Owner
I was invited by a friend to attend Rachel Cole's Well-Fed Woman Retreatshop. I had no idea what to expect, but wow, was it wonderful and worthwhile. Sure, Rachel delivered amazing content that led us into a deep exploration of our hungers. And yep, she provided helpful tools and practices to teach us how to identify and feed our hungers. And of course this was all in the context of a warm and delightful community of women. But what I loved most about Rachel's Retreatshop was that I felt like we were wrapped in an enormous blanket of compassion. There was room for the gamut of experiences, emotions, insights, and possibilities. Folks could be pensive or playful, sad or serene. No matter what arose, Rachel created and held a space that could contain it all. There was no right way to be and no place to get to. But I left that Retreatshop feeling like I'd traveled deep within myself — and would welcome myself back again and again.
–Sherry Richert Belul,Simply Celebrate
I love being in Rachel’s presence. She is wise, curious and, most of all, present. I always learn something from a conversation, video or live event with her – something valuable and beautiful. I would highly recommend learning with her – and I say “with her” because she is always open and learning herself – which is one reason she is wise!  
–Jennifer Louden,Author & Teacher
I left the Retreatshop in awe. What an experience to be in a relationship with my hungers. I’ll say it again: my hungers. It feels powerful to say that phrase because I had a chance to really connect with a group of amazing, brave, real women led by the graceful hunger-whisperer Rachel W. Cole herself. Rachel creates an experience that is pure magic and I am still quaking from the after effects.
–Shila Soni
The Well-Fed Woman Retreatshop was a long overdue gift to myself. I ate up every last crumb, and left both satiated and wanting more. Rachel wove story with teaching in a loving and seamless container that enabled us to turn inward, and to work more deeply with our hungers. I loved the invitation to be in relationship with my hunger right now, whether or not I know how exactly to feed it. I left with a profound sense of self-trust that continues to deepen this new relationship I am in.
–Amy Kessel,Life Coach
The Wise Body, Wise Hungers Retreat experience was lovely. Anna and Rachel are both loving and caring people who really do want to make a difference in the lives of those they teach. I felt the compassion from both of them and I appreciated the perfect marriage of their work.
–Sofia Dabalsa,Artist & Teacher
Rachel’s Retreatshop was a sanctuary for my soul. A short but powerful time to be renewed and inspired. She is a wise woman who asks the questions your heart wants to answer.
–Rabbi Karen Chai Levy
The Wise Body, Wise Hungers Retreat was unique in that I felt heard and seen. The environment was one of love and acceptance and enabled me to speak out and share my deepest hungers. Anna and Rachel were phenomenal together and I felt their sincerity in wanting to give their very best to the participants - which they did.
Claire De Boer
–Claire De Boer,Writer & Teacher
Rachel’s Retreatshop was incredible. Her presence and commitment to identifying, understanding and feeding our huggers was simply unparalleled. I was wowed and I’m not saying this lightly. My biggest take away from the course was a realization of how much I craved to live my life without restrictions. I felt every muscle in my body relax when Rachel was talking about the difference between living a life of restriction, control and fear and a life of trusting and honoring our hungers. Food is the doorway she uses to talk about this but her work can be easily applied to any area of your life. Following the workshop, I’ve been paying attention to my hungers at and away from the table, and I can tell you that I noticed a huge positive difference in the decisions I am making in my life, my business and even my food. It was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to go back for more.  
–Natalia Chouklina,Achieve the Impossible
The Wise Body, Wise Hungers Retreat is a breath of fresh air, a soft place to find your ground both literally and figuratively. Rachel asks the questions of our heart and soul, she asks us to dive into what we are truly hungry for and then she gives us full and total permission to voice them aloud, most likely for the first time. Anna brings us back to our body. She asks us to tune into our own special rhythm of breath and style of movement. She gives us permission to fully inhabit our body, just as it is. Together, they created this lovely little cocoon that supported me, mind, body and soul.
–Valerie Tookes,Holistic Health Coach
Rachel has so many gifts she readily shared with group: she’s warm and welcoming and fantastically wise; she creates such a safe space in her Retreatshops and gives us the space to really delve into the question “What are you TRULY hungry for?” And it’s not just that Rachel asks this question, in the Retreatshop you will learn tools to discovers your answer and a path to becoming a Well-Fed Woman!  
–Tarah Evans,Co-Founder of Sugar Snap
I went to the Wise Body, Wise Hungers Retreat for a few days of relaxation and recharging. I came out with a new perspective, a new resolve, and a new approach to life. Sounds like a lot in only a few days, but the combination of Anna's physical work with Rachel's mental work was extremely powerful. The addition of the whole-hearted support and participation of the wonderful women who attended made the whole thing rather magical.
–Keri Christensen,Healthcare Executive
Rachel rocked my world! I went in to the Retreatshop thinking “I already know all this stuff.” But she just dropped one awesome a-ha bomb after another. Her tender and honest insights are still fresh in my mind and it’s safe to say I’m a Rachel Cole lifer!
–Jamie Greenwood,Health & Lifestyle Coach
I signed up for Wise Bodies, Wise Hungers because I admire and respect both Anna & Rachel's work and it was an absolute YES when I saw the retreat offered. What I didn't realize was how much of a gift it was going to be to myself. The gift of listening to my body, of digging into my hungers, of surrounding myself with kindreds, of being nourished by the meals and the company. It was a deeply nourishing and eye opening experience and if you are feeling called to gift yourself with such goodness (even if the idea of going scares you a bit), say YES!
–Vivienne McMaster,Photographer & Teacher
I was awakened by my experience at the Retreatshop. Rachel helped me discover hungers I didn’t know I had and that really was an eye opening experience. She has an amazing way of taking what you thought was your hunger and really boiling it down. With her calm demeanor and truly caring soul, the few hours that I spent at the Retreatshop will be something I’ll never forget. I am excited to take what I learned and feed all of my hungers.  
–Elena Arosteguy
Rachel shares not only her compassion during the Retreatshop but a gentle grounded wisdom and curiosity that allowed the group to bond together and explore internally. I felt renewed and open hearted at the days end and honored to have shared in such a beautiful day.
–Marta Drachenberg
If you are fortunate enough to be able to attend one of Rachel’s Retreatshops, don’t miss the opportunity! I found Rachel to have an ocean’s worth of hard-won experience on how to live a fully nourishing life in all types of our experiences. And, she exhibits the courage to walk the talk of that wisdom by her presence. Getting in touch with your unique inner wisdom of what you are truly hungry for can help steer you beyond confusion and indecision and into peace and confidence. What amazing compassion and insight can be found in sharing with a group of women ready to honor their true hungers!  
–Bonnie Perry
What are you truly hungry for? If you can't answer that question, whether because you no longer know, because you don't trust your own hungers, or because you have no idea how to feed them, then Rachel Cole will change your life. Rachel is living proof of her own hypothesis: that well-fed women will change the world. Rachel is a wise, generous and insightful guide and teacher. Her Retreatshops are powerful and transformative, yet Rachel's grace and warmth ensure they also feel safe, easy and fun. Highly, highly recommended.
–Marianne Elliot,Writer, Yoga Teacher, & Human Rights Advocate
Rachel has so much strength and wisdom and so generously brings this to her Retreatshop. So many of us have no idea what we’re truly hungry for and she helps us to tap this well easily and with grace and tenderness. The world needs more of this kind of work! It’s what we are hungry for!  
–Tiffany Han,Life & Business Coach
At Rachel's Retreatshop I so appreciated her ability to hear where each individual was at. I was also struck by the acceptance and gentleness she invited us to each offer ourselves. I love when she said "I just went to hell and paid attention on the way back." That was such a wonderful description of recovery. I also appreciated how she pointed us to see the gifts and wisdom our hungers.
–Gina Popejoy
Rachel Cole is an artist. In her Retreatshops, she creates a warm, safe, and inspiring space to explore your real hungers and share your authentic self. Her touch is expert, loving, and so keyed into just what is happening in that moment that little insights bloom into real revelations.
–Kim Ribiero,School Teacher
I so enjoyed the time to go through all the steps – to address all the different aspects of our relationships to our hungers. As always, I came away feeling like I learned from the innate wisdom of a group of women. I also learned about myself and how I can connect to my own hungers.
–Carrie Sullivan
The Retreatshop is an open invitation to meet one of your hungers face-to-face. Rachel’s approach is kind, gentle-hearted and inquisitive. Her passion for her work and for women oozes out of her and it’s contagious! Never before I have felt so comfortable in a group of women I did not know and yet we shared the same curious heart. I am deeply grateful for this sweet time of reflection and connection.  
–Teryll Sacks
To be at Rachel's Retreatshop is to be immersed in the land of you. You will be asked to go inside and get curious about the hungers that make you unique. You will be questioned about what feeds you and you will leave not necessarily with questions answered but with passions ignited.
–Valerie Tookes
Rachel quickly, kindly, and creepy-accurately helped me find the language and imagery for an inarticulate longing that’s been brewing for months. Who knew I needed a piggy-back from bear named Marge by the river? Days after the retreat-shop, I’m still frequently pausing to ask myself, “What am I truly hungry for?” It’s a gentle but powerful guide, just like Rachel.  
–Laura Simms,Career Coach at Create as Folk
Rachel created a bridge for me from a nebulous, semi-conscious hunger that I have to a visceral knowing of it. She gave me wonderful tools for honoring and feeding it, but more importantly, a framework for identifying and honoring my hungers in an ongoing way. Parts of me that have felt ignored or just plan unseen are feeling loved and hopeful and meaningfully connected to me because of Rachel’s work, and for that I’m deeply grateful
–Kristen Noelle,Artist, Teacher, & Coach at Trust Tending
Rachel holds the space beautifully for her participants. She brought her wisdom and intuition, and years of actual experience, so we knew we were in safe hands. There’s so much kindness and grace to how she teaches. I feel calmer just being in her presence. She has a real gift.  
–Susannah Conway,Writer, Teacher, & Photographer
I was hungry for the Retreatshop experience. I have never been more ready for the gentle, easeful approach Rachel has. In showing up, I already feel better fed. The structure of the day and Rachel’s leadership of the group really allowed some deep connection. Thank you, Rachel, for giving me such a safe space to share my vulnerability and messy-ness.  
–Jenny Hyde
The Retreatshop provided a wonderful, calm space for sharing wisdom with similar minded souls. Rachel is a truly and wonderfully aligned human being and I admire her courage to stand up, feed her hungers and share it with the world. She’s luminous and glowing from within, beautiful.  
Henrika Jansson Tonder
–Henrika Jansson Tonder

Online Learning

I love being in Rachel’s presence. She is wise, curious and, most of all, present. I always learn something from a conversation, video or live event with her – something valuable and beautiful. I would highly recommend learning with her – and I say “with her” because she is always open and learning herself – which is one reason she is wise!  
–Jennifer Louden,Author & Teacher
I have struggled with disordered, chaotic, emotional eating for 30+ years. I’ve done lots of reading on my own and am working with a therapist, and while that’s been incredibly helpful, I was craving community. When Rachel offered the chance to take part in a reading group, I was ready. I was also simultaneously filled with both hope and dread. Could this work? Would this fail? What I’d love to tell my past self is it will sound too good to be true but trust the process, that it will be both harder and easier than you thought, that it will change everything. With Rachel’s gentle but fiercely compassionate guidance, and the support of the amazing other women who took part, who opened their hearts to each other and the process, this path is totally workable. And it’s about so much more than just food. I am learning to honor my hunger and my fullness in all areas of my life. I trust myself, my intuition, and my experience. I embody my own power, authority, and wisdom. I am free, and so grateful.
–Jill Salahub
Rachel’s Wisdom Notes for a Well-Fed Holiday were like precious gifts in my stocking every morning. Such seemingly simple concepts like “what am I still carrying” and gentle reminders to bring simple acts of kindness to others sustained me throughout the holiday season. I was thankfully reminded that this time of year is not about buying fancy gifts or stuffing my face at the family table. Plus her comforting recipes – especially the one for homemade Chai tea – are ones that I will cherish for the rest of my life.  
–Kathryn Gilmore,Writer & Producer
Signing up for the Intuitive Eating Reading Group was one of the best presents I gave to myself this year.  Reading, dissecting, discussing, questioning, and pondering this book with a group of amazing women was an incredibly powerful experience.  The journey offered me more than I could ever have imagined: nudges when I got stuck, inspiration when I was tired, celebration when I made breakthroughs, and loving support whenever we joined together by phone and in our online group.  I learned self-compassion and became so much kinder and gentler to myself.  I developed a practice of giving myself freedom and permission, forgiveness and indulgence.  And I can honestly say that I am well on the path to becoming an Intuitive Eater.  I cannot recommend this Reading Group more highly.  If you are on the fence, leap!  You will be so glad you did.
–Christina Curtin
The Wisdom Notes for a Well-Fed Holiday have helped me to slow down and be with my body as the world around me speeds up and un-negotiated pressures build. It felt like having a wise friend sitting with me daily, reminding me that I don’t have to participate in anything that I don’t want to. . . and conversely, that I can choose to enjoy all the chaos, activity, and emotion that’s all around in the season.  
Lori-Ann Claerhout
–Lori-Ann Claerhout,Writer & Editor
This is a rare invitation to come to the table and feast on life changing principles that will lead you back to your very own intuition and body.  With Rachel's gentle wisdom, sincere support and guidance through the reading group, you will find yourself opening up in ways you've never known.  My own intuitive eating journey brought me back to the table and I have rediscovered that trust returns when I give myself full permission to eat what I want and move my body in ways that are joyful.  Magic happens when women gather, connect, and share our struggles and triumphs. You don't want to miss out on this opportunity!
–Teryll Sacks
I’m receiving your Wisdom Notes and I dedicate a bit of time every day to work on them. I find them wonderful. they help me focus on important aspects and they make me think about hurdles and difficulties in different more freeing ways. Your warmth and kindness are great in supporting me while I try to focus on tender spots. For all this, a very heartfelt thank you.  
–Marina Sorrentino
Changing my relationship with food was something I both desperately wanted yet greatly feared. It was a daunting task and one I wasn’t sure was possible. Now, I know differently. I am so thankful I made the decision to join the Intuitive Eating Reading Group. Rachel offered gentle guidance and support coupled with huge, eye-opening insights. The strength and community drawn from the amazing women in our group enabled me to make realizations and changes in my life that have impacted more than just how I think about food and eating. Feelings of failure, guilt, and lack of control began to take a backseat to new feelings of empowerment, compassion, and love. Learning to listen to, trust, and follow my intuition, in all areas of my life, has been the best journey.
–Christina Simms
I have to admit I signed up for Wisdom Notes on a whim.  I knew that the  Holidays were going to be difficult this year…these past months have been a whirling twist of grief and transformation in my life. I have been learning a lot about self care and dialing in to hear what I need.. The Wisdom Notes each morning give me something to look forward to and have helped me stay out of the despair but also honor the grief I am processing…So for me your prompts to pay attention, listen in and honor my needs are working in my life.  I thank you for your kindness and gentleness.  I really need that at this time in my life.  
–Kristen Elliott
I wanted to send a quick note to share my experience with the Wisdom Notes so far.  What has resonated with me most so far is treating and receiving myself with an attitude of compassion, understanding, and support, which has been totally facilitated by your tone in the prompts. When I’ve undertaken “self-improvement” activities in the past, I realize one of the pitfalls for me is undertaking them with an attitude of striving to be good.  Even though I might start out with an intention to bring more peace or clarity into my life and relationship with myself, I interfere with that goal by worrying about being good or feeling like a failure if I don’t meet my own expectations. With your invitations in the Wisdom Notes I remember that I undertake your suggested practices, and other practices like meditation or yoga, to nourish and become closer to myself.  A loving, compassionate voice definitely facilitates this more than the voice of a drill sergeant. Thank you for pouring so much love and compassion into the Wisdom Notes.  
–Shila Soni
It is amazing how Rachel’s Wisdom Notes seem to be written especially for me.  It speaks to our society’s common experience throughout the holiday season: our shared expectations, stressors, disappointments and joys.  A few of the notes have resonated with me such that I shared them with a friend, only to have the friend ask me how I always know exactly what it is they need to hear that day. Rachel is an excellent guide on the journey to determine what it is I am hungry for this season in all areas of my life, and how to find what I am searching for.  
–Keri Christensen,Healthcare Executive
These bite-sized Wisdom Notes have been chock full of practical tips and insightful wisdom for moving through the holiday season with more ease and peace. They’ve been like little daily touchstones – reminders of ways to stay centered and grounded during this emotionally charged time of the year.  
–Mindy Stern,Life Coach
Rachel’s Wisdom Notes turned my holiday season into a time for significant reflection and self-development. A time that is usually hectic, full of fear and anxiety (not to mention over-indulgent) became more mindful. I had my moments, but at the end of the season, I found myself feeling different… Like something had shifted. Rachel helped me to make room for something very important: myself.  
–Jenny Hyde
The truth is that I love Rachel Cole and do so for many reasons. Rachel sees your heart and holds safe space for it. She does this both with great depth and always with a twinkle in her eye. She sees beyond pain and into what wants to happen- and I love this part, she does so with ease and helps you slip into the ease of it all.  Never with pretension and always from love, Rachel’s work is nourishment for the soul and balm for the heart. I’d go on any adventure with her as I’ll have a companion that is both a rock and a champion for a well-fed life.  Ease begins with saying yes to Rachel’s Ease Hunting. It’s really saying yes to your deep desires, even the ones that have felt beyond reach or too big to claim.  You will no doubt love her too- and yourself all the more.
–Randi Buckley,Teacher & Coach
I’ve been wanting to write and thank you for your “Ease Hunting” course. It really was, and continues to be, a blessing in my life. Little did I know that it would help me stay more centered during a recent life-shift…I find myself more centered and more able to “go with the flow” during what is otherwise a Topsy-Turvy time. As a result of “Ease Hunting” my morning devotional/meditation time means more to me now than ever, too. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us all. You are one of the most inspiring and real teachers and healers I know.  
–Michelle Ledesma
Rachel has a way about her that wonderfully teaches you to ask yourself "What am I truly hungry for"? I am uncovering my true hungers after years of filling up on things that did not satisfy me. Rachel goes about this beautifully and simply by teaching through her Wisdom Notes for a Well-Fed Holiday. So refreshing, you will love Rachel's gentle spirit.
–Melinda Hamilton
As has been my pattern, I'm trying to do too much, but even in the doing I am sensing this new awareness bubbling up, space expanding and clearing, an understanding of a new way of being developing. And as has happened so often in the past year, there's Rachel, the voice of sanity, of compassion, giving the most gentle, loving reminders.
I have appreciated the gentle guidance toward centeredness that Rachel has provided this holiday season.  I look forward to receiving the Wisdom Notes daily. They never feel like another have-to in an already busy season.
–Suzie Massey
Receiving the Wisdom Notes for a Well-Fed Holiday is like taking a long, important journey with Rachel as your wise and intrepid guide, a true friend.  Sometimes playful, sometimes challenging, she encourages us to look deeply, feel deeply and to live our lives as wholeheartedly as possible.
–Dana Velden,Writer
The Intuitive Eating reading group Rachel lead was, literally, life-changing. I've read countless books about eating and food and health, but reading Intuitive Eating alongside this group of courageous, honest and inspirational women made all the difference. With Rachel as our kind and gentle guide, we delved into each page, each chapter, each new idea. Talking about the concepts out loud and trying them out in real life allowed me to make the Intuitive Eating principles part of my every day life. Today, I am practicing what I learned, with Rachel's wise words in my head and a new group of like-minded women to support me along the way. Priceless.
–Kathryn Gilmore


Ever walked into the wrong class on the first day of school? This is what my life felt like for a while before working with Rachel. I felt confused, anxious, misfitted and insecure about how I should act, live and be. She helped me access ease, a sense of purpose and the ability to “just be.” I felt securely wrapped in love because Rachel poured it into our consult. Rachel’s playfulness, intense wisdom and uplifting spirit lifted me into a place I had never been and was beyond grateful to reach.
–Donna Scarola,Donna Scarola
My consulting session with Rachel was one of the most practically and soulfully useful hours I’ve spent in a long time, and one that planted seeds of ease, self-trust, and inspiration. Rachel’s honesty and authenticity confirmed my suspicion that a formulaic, flashy approach to business isn’t always a sound one, and she is living proof that following your soul’s calling in business and courageously taking the next right step, over and over, is a truly wise plan for creating success on your own terms. Rachel, you said: “I want my business to feel like I want my life to feel.” Our session gave me permission to want – and begin to create! – the same thing for myself. Thank you for helping me to exhale.
–Elizabeth Bechard,Integrative Health Coach
Rachel was an open well of revelations, wisdom and laser concise advisement during our consultation. She kept me on course with deep yet simple questions that spoke straight to the truth of the quest lurking patiently in my heart. I was comforted by the way she gently but firmly took my by the hand as my wish list of objectives for the session were swiftly but thoroughly met with much clarity and pragmatism leaving us ample time to explore and meander through other components of my puzzle that were waiting to be put together. This was such a wise investment. I’m very proud of myself! And now I’m looking forward to having her as my coach to help me continue to hold this space of bliss so I can spread it along to the rest of the world.  
–Kathy Stowell,Bliss Beyond Naptime
In an incredibly short amount of time, Rachel was able to slice right to the heart of the issues I brought to the call together, and to provide me with some very concrete steps to take to begin resolving them and making some proactive decisions for moving forward. While there are never easy choices, Rachel helped me sort what’s in front of me into logical and manageable choices–it was an incredibly valuable experience and service she provided me. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for concrete solutions to the problem of fulfilling one’s deepest hungers.  
–Genie Gratto,ChangeLab Solutions
Rachel is a remarkably insightful person, like she has an X-ray into your deep thoughts. But really, it’s because she’s a good listener. She’s intuitive. And she’s done THE WORK, so she usually has a very good idea where you head and heart are. And best of all, she’s a passionate visionary, and calls it like she sees it. She wants everyone to shine, and get out of their own ways, so listen to her wise words.
–Marcia Gagliardi,the tablehopper
The time I spent talking to Rachel got me started on the new business path that I’m on now, and led to several epiphanies both during & after our session. She’s totally effing brilliant, knows how to ask great questions, and is a great brainstorming partner to boot – highly recommended.  
–Michelle Nicolaisen,Strategic Maven at Bombchelle
There are few people in this world who you will have the distinct privilege of meeting and who will impact you and your outlook on life in a deep and transformative way. This is Rachel Cole. It was almost a year ago where I had a one-hour heart-jamming session, and I can, to this day (and for many days to come), speak of the impact this meeting had on me. She talked about her inspiring career trajectory and the valuable life lessons learned along the way. One in particular that stuck for me was her take on choosing between paths that provided greater job security vs. personal fulfillment. With her think-outside-the-box approach, I left our session feeling so empowered and confident in my process of finding what it was I was truly hungry for. She is truly passionate with her work, and that passion is infectious and will melt into your heart like butter getting you all fired up and ready to go!  
–Sanaz Ebriani,Holistic Nutrition Consultant

Other Nice Words

Rachel Cole is a powerhouse. A burst of bright, wise and soulful energy that can help any individual or business blossom. She is just the right combination of energetic, whip smart and highly creative– just the person you want as your ally.
I am always struck by Rachel’s wisdom and perspective, by how she is able to cut through clutter and make clear something I haven’t been able to see properly. Our conversations leave me with insights that resonate weeks and months later. There is no judgement, no bad feelings, just the comfort that someone else knows my hopes and goals and wants to help me get where I’m going.  
–Tara Austen Weaver,Author & Editor
Rachel Cole is a kind, passionate human being full of wisdom beyond her years. When working with people, she has a special talent for listening, cutting through the clutter, and zeroing in on the absolute essence of what’s most important about your unique situation. And she won’t be afraid to lovingly and gently help you figure out what you need to do about it.  
–Vanessa Barrington,Cookbook Author
Whenever I connect with Rachel, I feel a noticeable exhale in my body. My shoulders soften, my jaw relaxes and I drop into the deep and embodied wisdom she offers. I recommend Rachel and her beautiful work all the time; she is the Huntress and Wise Leader of Ease in all the ways we so desperately need.  
–Anna Guest-Jelley,Yoga Teacher