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the fulfillment pyramid project

We’ve all seen the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Pyramid – that triangular info-graphic with recommended daily servings of grains, fruits, vegetables, proteins and sweets.

The USDA Food Pyramid nudges us closer to optimum health, with easy-to-grasp, visual guidelines.

The Food Pyramid is on the right track, but it’s incomplete — for starters, it doesn’t show us how to feed our True Hungers.

Being “well-fed” means satiating several forms of hunger: physical, emotional and spiritual.
And there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, because everyone’s True Hungers are unique and can change over time.

Sure, you may need 3 ounces of salmon or 2 servings of spinach on your dinner plate, but maybe you ALSO need:

  • : 3 daily servings of U2 (or Arcade Fire or Justin Bieber) . . .
  • : 2 daily servings of F-bomb explosions (or witty puns or holy mantras) . . .
  • : 1 daily serving of belly laughter (or French kissing or spooning) . . .
  • : 3 weekly servings of hiking (or sunset-watching or gardening) . . .
  • : 5 monthly servings of dog cuddles (or kitty squeezes or tortoise high-fives) . . .
  • : 2 yearly servings of exotic travel (or parental visits or BFF road trips) . . .

Only YOU know what truly feeds you.
And only YOU know how many servings you need to feel fulfilled.

A few questions to ask yourself:

  • : What makes me really, really happy?
  • : What does my perfect day include?
  • : What are my favorite sights? sounds? flavors? textures? colors? feelings? scents?
  • : What energizes me?
  • : What is my version of heaven like?
  • : If my life was my art, what would my masterpiece be?

Using the USDA Food Pyramid as a launch-point, this activity kit allows you to create your personalized Fulfillment Pyramid.

The activity kit includes

  • : an inspirational list of nutritious elements to fill out your personal pyramid
  • : two-dimensional and three-dimensional pyramid templates
  • : simple directions to get you started

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