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  • Andrea Scher

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We live in a world of desperately hungry women. Women who have forgotten how to feed their True Hungers — at & away from the table.

The result? Careers, relationships, responsibilities & choices that leave us painfully depleted, instead of full.

I’m offering an alternative — the way of the Well-Fed Woman. A life of ease, trust … and desires, fulfilled. Magnificent decisions, with minimal friction. Proud bodies. Clear minds. Cellular satisfaction.

It all begins with one deceptively simple question: what are you truly hungry for?

Join me for a rich day of reflection & connection — and find out.

Join me on the 2013 Well-Fed Woman Retreatshop tour!

The Retreatshop is an open invitation to meet one of your hungers face-to-face. Rachel’s approach is kind, gentle-hearted and inquisitive. Her passion for her work and for women oozes out of her and it’s contagious! Never before I have felt so comfortable in a group of women I did not know and yet we shared the same curious heart. I am deeply grateful for this sweet time of reflection and connection.  
–Teryll Sacks

Rachel holds the space beautifully for her participants. She brought her wisdom and intuition, and years of actual experience, so we knew we were in safe hands. There’s so much kindness and grace to how she teaches. I feel calmer just being in her presence. She has a real gift.  
–Susannah Conway,Writer, Teacher, & Photographer

What is a “Retreatshop”?

Retreat + Workshop = Retreatshop

Seeking to take the powerful learning and engagement of a workshop and the luxurious space and restoration of a retreat, I knew that neither alone could sum up the experience I am called to create. So the term Retreashop was born and it encompasses the best of both of these worlds.

Rachel rocked my world! I went in to the Retreatshop thinking “I already know all this stuff.” But she just dropped one awesome a-ha bomb after another. Her tender and honest insights are still fresh in my mind and it’s safe to say I’m a Rachel Cole lifer!
–Jamie Greenwood,Health & Lifestyle Coach

I was hungry for the Retreatshop experience. I have never been more ready for the gentle, easeful approach Rachel has. In showing up, I already feel better fed. The structure of the day and Rachel’s leadership of the group really allowed some deep connection. Thank you, Rachel, for giving me such a safe space to share my vulnerability and messy-ness.  
–Jenny Hyde

What is a Well-Fed Woman?

A Well-Fed Woman knows that she eats more than food.

A Well- Fed Woman receives her hungers as wise allies.

A Well-Fed Woman bravely peels back the layers to discover and feed what she is TRULY hungry for.

Being a Well-Fed Woman in a hungry world, and a world that encourage women to be hungry, is not easy. It takes great courage, a deep and loving relationship with ourselves, and awakened understanding of the healing power of feeding ourselves. The Retreatshop experience is there to support you in growing into your own Well-Fed Womanhood.

I was awakened by my experience at the Retreatshop. Rachel helped me discover hungers I didn’t know I had and that really was an eye opening experience. She has an amazing way of taking what you thought was your hunger and really boiling it down. With her calm demeanor and truly caring soul, the few hours that I spent at the Retreatshop will be something I’ll never forget. I am excited to take what I learned and feed all of my hungers.  
–Elena Arosteguy

I created Retreatshops so that you will…

:: Have time for quiet reflection and space to breathe
:: Hear and tell the stories of hunger and feasting that need to be told
:: Connect with your local community of like-hearted women
:: Experience awakenings and gain insight into your own journey towards a well-fed life
:: Receive personal attention from me in a way that the internet simply cannot provide
:: Begin to take the next step on your path towards becoming a well-fed woman

If you are fortunate enough to be able to attend one of Rachel’s Retreatshops, don’t miss the opportunity! I found Rachel to have an ocean’s worth of hard-won experience on how to live a fully nourishing life in all types of our experiences. And, she exhibits the courage to walk the talk of that wisdom by her presence. Getting in touch with your unique inner wisdom of what you are truly hungry for can help steer you beyond confusion and indecision and into peace and confidence. What amazing compassion and insight can be found in sharing with a group of women ready to honor their true hungers!  
–Bonnie Perry

The Retreatshop provided a wonderful, calm space for sharing wisdom with similar minded souls. Rachel is a truly and wonderfully aligned human being and I admire her courage to stand up, feed her hungers and share it with the world. She’s luminous and glowing from within, beautiful.  
Henrika Jansson Tonder
–Henrika Jansson Tonder

Join me if you’re hungry to…

:: Know your own hungers more intimately
:: Trust your own desires more deeply
:: Gain new approaches for being a well-fed woman in a hungry world
:: Say yes to yourself more and explore the relationship you have with yourself
:: Sit with other women and experience the power inherent in such gatherings
:: Get away from the frenzy of daily life and be restored
:: Connect with your body’s wisdom

The Retreatshop Experience

These intimate gatherings take place in a myriad of locations from inviting living rooms to tranquil yoga studios.

I will share the inspiring story of my journey from starvation to being deliciously well-fed (at and away from the table); from living in isolated shame to living in authentic connection with others; from living at war with myself to living in peace; from living disconnected from my hungers to having a deep relationship with and reverence for them.

I will guide you in exploring your true hungers, how you relate to yourself, how you connect (or disconnect) from that which feeds you, and how you grant or withhold permission to feast on your life.

Through powerful storytelling, guided meditation, reflective writing exercises, and intimate, honest, and enlightening conversation, the Retreatshop will leave you with an open heart and nourished spirit.

In 2012 the Retreatshops were just 3 hours in length, powerful but each time leaving attendees wanting more.

In order to truly sink into these teachings the 2013 Retreatshops will be rich, full day gatherings.

Each retreatshop is 5.5 hours long with a 1.5 hour lunch break – 7 hours all together. While times may vary by city, a general outline is:

9:00 am -12:00 pm Morning Session
12:00 pm – 1:30 pm Lunch
1:30 pm – 4:30 pm Afternoon Session

What You’ll Take Away

Each woman will take away something unique to her experience.

For some it will be the transformation of their relationship to their hungers.

For others it will be an opening of the lines of communications between themselves and their desire.

Some will come away with powerful missives from a deeply wise place within.

Still others will find new friends in the other attendees and at the very least, their breath.

Toolboxes will be expanded with real-life practices, new guidelines for being well-fed, and a grounding into our hungers as a road map for our lives.

I know the impact the Retreatshops have on the women who come. I have seen it happen and it is beautiful.

Learning the way of The Well-Fed Woman is life changing.

Rachel’s Retreatshop was a sanctuary for my soul. A short but powerful time to be renewed and inspired. She is a wise woman who asks the questions your heart wants to answer.
–Rabbi Karen Chai Levy


Early Bird Tickets

more than 60 days before event

Regular Tickets

60 days or less before event

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Ready for early bird tickets? Use wfw2013 to receive the discount on tickets purchased more than 60 days before the event.

Did you attend a Retreatshop in 2012? Alumni of the 2012 Retreatshop tour may pay a reduced rate of $150 for any city using the code: 2012tour. This code is ONLY for those who attended last year.

The Retreatshop was a long overdue gift to myself. I ate up every last crumb, and left both satiated and wanting more. Rachel wove story with teaching in a loving and seamless container that enabled us to turn inward, and to work more deeply with our hungers. I loved the invitation to be in relationship with my hunger right now, whether or not I know how exactly to feed it. I left with a profound sense of self-trust that continues to deepen this new relationship I am in.

When & Where

London, England

April 7, 2013
(early bird deadline: February 7th)
hosted by: Susannah Conway & Tamarisk Saunders-Davies

San Francisco, California
May 18th, 2013
(early bird deadline: March 18th)
hosted by: Secret Sauce Agency

Chicago, Illinois
June 1st, 2013
(early bird deadline: April 1st)
hosted  by Alisha Sommer

Los Angeles, California
June 22nd, 2013
(early bird deadline: April 22nd)
hosted by: Mt. Washington Pottery

Vancouver, Canada
July 14th, 2013
(early bird deadline: May 14th)
hosted by: Violetminded

Seattle, Washington
July 20th, 2013
(early bird deadline: May 20th)
hosted by: Tara Austen Weaver

Andover, Massachusetts 
September 29th, 2013
(early bird deadline: July 29th)
hosted by an enthusiastic group of Bostonians

Arlington, Virginia
October 12th, 2013
(early bird deadline: August 12th)
hosted by: My parents. ;)

Alameda, California
November 2nd, 2013
(early bird deadline: September 2nd)
hosted by: 27 Powers

Rachel has so many gifts she readily shared with group: she’s warm and welcoming and fantastically wise; she creates such a safe space in her Retreatshops and gives us the space to really delve into the question “What are you TRULY hungry for?” And it’s not just that Rachel asks this question, in the Retreatshop you will learn tools to discovers your answer and a path to becoming a Well-Fed Woman!  
–Tarah Evans,Co-Founder of Sugar Snap

I left the Retreatshop in awe. What an experience to be in a relationship with my hungers. I’ll say it again: my hungers. It feels powerful to say that phrase because I had a chance to really connect with a group of amazing, brave, real women led by the graceful hunger-whisperer Rachel W. Cole herself. Rachel creates an experience that is pure magic and I am still quaking from the after effects.
–Shila Soni

Rachel quickly, kindly, and creepy-accurately helped me find the language and imagery for an inarticulate longing that’s been brewing for months. Who knew I needed a piggy-back from bear named Marge by the river? Days after the retreat-shop, I’m still frequently pausing to ask myself, “What am I truly hungry for?” It’s a gentle but powerful guide, just like Rachel.  
–Laura Simms,Career Coach at Create as Folk

Why I Lead Retreatshops

Because the Retreatshops, and the connection they bring, feed me.

Because I know it’s possible to have peace with our desires, at and away from the table.

Because I’m called to share what I’ve learned and to help other women be truly, deeply fed.

Because I’ve seen how powerful these teachings are in helping others to live lives that truly feed them.

Rachel Cole is an artist. In her Retreatshops, she creates a warm, safe, and inspiring space to explore your real hungers and share your authentic self. Her touch is expert, loving, and so keyed into just what is happening in that moment that little insights bloom into real revelations.
–Kim Ribiero,School Teacher

Rachel created a bridge for me from a nebulous, semi-conscious hunger that I have to a visceral knowing of it. She gave me wonderful tools for honoring and feeding it, but more importantly, a framework for identifying and honoring my hungers in an ongoing way. Parts of me that have felt ignored or just plan unseen are feeling loved and hopeful and meaningfully connected to me because of Rachel’s work, and for that I’m deeply grateful
–Kristen Noelle,Artist, Teacher, & Coach at Trust Tending

Imagine having an easeful relationship with your desires.

Imagine food–and all you hunger for–being a friend instead of foe.

Imagine spending a whole day tending to yourself, away from your busy life, and in the company of wonderful women.

If you can imagine, I invite you to join me on the 2013 Well-Fed Woman Retreatshop Tour!