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creative projects

One of the most powerful discoveries each of us can make is the nature of our creative genius.

You are an artist.
You are here to create.

Embracing this changes everything.

In order for us to tap our creative genius, we must begin to understand ourselves as artists and that our art often goes far beyond paint on a canvas.

Maybe you create community, or skyscrapers, or a better life for those in need, or the best homemade marshmallows.

Whatever you are a conduit for, whatever comes through you with joy and meaning, this is your art and encouraging it is key to living your best life.

And a reminder from Maya Angelou: “You can’t use up creativity, creative thinking builds on itself and increases the creativity of the thinker…You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

Use your creativity.

Below are six works of my art for your participation, inspiration, and pleasure.

Rachel Cole is one of those rare, tough women who knows what she wants and goes after it with tenacity, but never loses her heart in the process. She has a gift for putting shape and action around otherwise imperceptible notions and inarticulate ideas.

–Anna Ghosh, Communications Manager, Food & Water Watch

Rachel’s efforts to bridge the chasm that separates food from community, art, and culture are noteworthy. She has inspired thousands of Northern Californians with her forward-thinking, mindful, and impassioned projects, and I look forward to seeing the national impact of her innovative ideas.

–Bryant Terry, Eco-Chef, Author, & Activist

After talking to Rachel about her creative projects, several things were evident to me:
      • She gets an incredible amount of joy out of each
      • Each one is the fruit of her own unique vision and creative          inspiration
      • She gets the ideas and then moves forward in making them          a reality
      • I could learn a thing or two from all this.

–Tara Sophia Mohr, Wise Living