coaching for a full & well-fed life

What happens when we don’t know what we’re truly hungry for?

We feed ourselves things that don’t satisfy us.
We drift through life, without agency. We constrict.
We mute our vibrancy. We squelch our radiance.

What happens when we deny our True Hungers?

We seek out satisfaction in all the wrong places…and (surprise!) we don’t find it.
Ease becomes elusive. Everything is cumbersome.
We embody insecurity. People sense it and recoil.
We go crazy. We obsess.
We’re never satisfied. We’re always hungry.

What happens when we acknowledge our True Hungers?

Magic. Ease. Trust. Clarity. Alignment. Satiation. Fulfillment.
When we acknowledge what we’re truly hungry for, we unfold.
We clear space for self-defined success.
We make love to life.

And what happens when we feed our True Hungers?

We glow.

We glow as if we’ve just had incredible sex, or eaten the Greatest Meal Ever, or completed our magnus opus.

We glow so authentically, that the world around us takes notice.

Can everyone have exactly what they’re truly hungry for?

Yes. Yes. And more Yes.


Because the things that feed our True Hungers–deep pleasure, creative expression, real adventures and real laughter, a connection to inner wisdom, rest and retreat–exist in infinite abundance. There is no shortage. There are no limited-time-offers.

Our True Hungers are always good and honest.

Our True Hungers push us with passion and force, but never desperation.

Our True Hungers are never too big, too much, too crazy, or wrong.

And it is our right, as human beings, to feed and satiate our True Hungers.

This is the philosophy that defines my coaching.

Simply put, I’m here to guide you towards a pleasure-filled, nourishing, well-fed life.

I work primarily with women.

Women who are exhausted from striving to meet impossible standards and are ready to see the perfection that lies in life’s imperfections.

Women who want to tame their inner critic and take the wonder-filled journey of falling in love with all of who they are.

Women who are sitting at a starting line, either because they want something new for their lives or because life has pulled the rug out from under them and put them there.

Women who want to tap the wisdom that is naturally abundant within themselves.

Women who want their life to overflow with meaning and delight.

Women who are hungry and crave a well-fed life.

Women who want an ease-ful relationship with food, their body, and themselves.

Women who no longer want to minimize, deny, numb, avoid, or ignore their truest and deepest desires – they want to feast!

How it works

I coach clients two times each month for a minimum of three months (this allows us to really get into the good stuff). Sessions last 60 minutes and are conducted easily over the telephone. Tele-coaching allows us to work together no matter where you happen to live and saves you time, stress and money. If you live in the San Francisco Bay area and are interested in in-person sessions, let me know.


I charge $375/month—this includes two powerful 60-minute sessions and some email support between sessions as needed. I provide anyone interested in coaching a free 30-minute consultation to explore our working together. To schedule your call, email me and we’ll set it up. Please note, I reserve a few sliding scale spaces in my practice.


Does coaching not fit your needs? I occasionally do one-off consulting sessions where I dish out solid advice, intuition, experience, resources, strategy, perspective, love and know-how for a delightful 90 minutes. For all the delicious details, head over to my consulting page.