January 19, 2015

Purely because I enjoy reading posts like this and because I like makeup I’m sharing with you what’s in my bag. I like to keep my possessions fairly paired down to the essentials so this is pretty much the extent of what I use, both for everyday and special occasion. Not pictured: moisturizer, hair elastics, bobby pins, cuticle trimmer, and nail clippers. That’s it. Enjoy!


Dr. Bronner’s Organic Lip Balm in Peppermint

Tweezerman Slant Tweezers

Arquiste for J.Crew No. 57

Jane Iredale Glowtime BB Cream

100% Pure Lip & Cheek Tint in Grapefruit Glow

Ilia Tinted Lip Conditioner in Crimson & Clover/Lipstick in Wild Child

100% Pure Eye Shadow in Champagne

Stila Eye Shadow in Indigo (use as eye liner)

100% Pure Mascara in Dark Chocolate

Generic angled eye shadow brush

Generic eye lash curler

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October 27, 2014

I’ll be direct: the holidays will be here before we know it.

It’s already the close of October and at year’s end time has a funny way of speeding up.

It’s become an annual tradition to take a break from sharing wise words to share some of my favorite candidates for holiday gift giving.

You can find the previous year’s gift guides, here:

2012, 2013 (part one), 2013 (part two), and 2013 (part three).

May this year’s treasures spark your hunger for beauty, inspiration, and generosity.


Rachel W Cole's 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

1. Artifact Uprising’s Custom Photo Postcard Pack

2. 2015 Watercolor Calendar

Rachel W Cole's 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

3. Lumi Printing Kits

Rachel W Cole's 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

4. Arquiste for J.Crew No.57

5. April Rhodes Staple Dress pattern

Rachel W Cole's 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

6. 1-year, 6-month, 3-month, or 1-month fabric subscriptions

7. Your Other Names: Poems by Tara Mohr


8. Something Hand & Nothing Hand Print Duo


9. Subscription to Taproot Magazine

10. Ilia Beauty Wild Child Lipstick

Wisdom Notes for a Well-fed Holiday from Rachel W Cole

11. Wisdom Notes for a Well-fed Holiday (Technically registration doesn’t open until 11/3, but I have a hunch if you head over to the Wisdom Notes page you’ll have no trouble signing up.)

January 20, 2014

Like clockwork, on the full moon, I have insomnia.

This past week when the sky was aglow and the lunar calendar was turning over a page I had an urge to listen to spoken word poetry.

From about two a.m. to five I drank up some of the most stirring orations I’ve ever heard. I love this slam-ing medium of communication. It feels like a river that runs below our surface of striving. When a spoken word poet hits their flow the performance piece fades away and it’s just raw, rolling emotive breath and sound.

Here are a group of talented, brave poetic women just saying it. Perhaps it’ll keep you company during your next moon-lit awakening.

Whoa line: “…still hoping that the mortician finds us fuckable and attractive…”

Whoa line: “…deny myself the right to be shown myself…”

Whoa line: “…Eve was made naked, no makeup, no weave…”

Whoa line: “…The body is not to be prayed for, it’s to be prayed to…”

Whoa line: “…’cause there is nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline no matter how many times it’s sent away.”

Whoa line: “Dear Cosmo: Fuck you! I will not take your sex tips on how to please a man you do not think my body will ever be worthy of.”

Whoa line: “I have been taught to grow in.”

Whoa line: “…women who will prowl 30 stores in six malls to find the right cocktail dress, but haven’t a clue where to find fulfillment or how to wear joy”

Whoa line: “When they call you full of yourself”, say, “Yes.” 

Whoa line: “…Van Gogh’s irregularities outweigh clean lines and clarity…”

Whoa line: “…Where are the words for the rest of me?”

Whoa line: “…It’s terrifying to have had to learn first not who I was but how I was seen…”

December 3, 2013

This is the final installment of this year’s gift guides. If you missed October and November, be sure to check them out. The items I’m sharing here are a hodgepodge of goods that spark me, crafts that inspire me, and treats that I’d love to find wrapped up in brown paper and string. Happy holidays to one and all!


1. Book by 53 + Moleskine


2. Sugru (maybe the best stocking stuffer ever).

3. Soma Water Filter


4. Letters in the Mail from The Rumpus

5. An Animal Totem Discovery Session


6. Journal Your Life with Susannah Conway

7. Sunday Assembly Donation


8. One Year Fabric Subscription from The Recoverie

9. The Art of Money from Bari Tessler


10. Zand Organic Throat Lozenges (My favorite soother leading up to my tonsillectomy earlier this year)

11. Project Dog (My favorite coffee table book)


12. Heidrun Mead (If you like bubbly, this will blow your mind)

13. White Oak Rubber Stamps


14. So Worth Loving T-Shirt

15. Full by Kimber Simpkins

16. Leslie Francesca Druzy Rings


17. 3-Months of One-on-One Life Coaching. A transformational gift for a hungry woman in your life. Get in touch for details: rachel@rachelwcole.com


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November 9, 2013

As promised, this year I’m sharing a holiday gift guide once a month, for the three months rounding out the year. October’s list was wonderful, but I’m kind of in love with each one of these items. I hope, if you’re seeking some inspiration, that something I’ve shared will be just what you’re looking for.


1. Petite Cadeau’s Five Day Celebration Countdown Calendar

2. Minted 2014 Photo Calendar (In my family, we order this every year)

3. Jen Hewett’s Disco Dots Wall Calendar


4. Bite Lipstick in Pomegranate Cherry Red

5. Albeit Matte Stylo Stick in Scarlet

6. Lipstick Queen Saint and Sinner in Scarlet

7. Ilia Tinted Lip Conditioner in Crimson & Clover (Tried and true.)


8. Liz Lamoreux’s Simple Custom One Word Bar Necklace (Mine would say ‘feast’)

9. Rebecca Overmann Jewelry (Hello, luxury)


10. Homemade Spoon Butter

11. Window Moon


12. Music from Ruth Moody (of the Wallin’ Jennys) or tickets to see her live.

October 15, 2013

I feel a little bit like those stores that deck their halls in red and green before Halloween (and Thanksgiving).

While it’s only mid October, I had the itch to share a few ideas for gifts you might give this holiday season. I hope you can forgive my eagerness.

Coming up with last year’s guide was so much fun and that list remains chock full of some of my favorites.

And the sentiment I shared last year remains true:

There are infinite ways to show our love and gratitude, with spending money on (or making something for) another as just one possibility. Giving and receiving gifts can be magical. It can be a way to express that we truly see someone or it can show our support for a business or artist we love. The right gift, for the right person, at the right time is wonderful.

This year I’m going to be sharing three lists, one for each month remaining in the year.

Here, to kick it off, are 14 treats that might bring a little joy to one of your someones…


Zen Under Fire by Marianne Elliot

Fabric & Handle Ajustable Strap Bag


A Measure of Earth: The Cole-Ware American Basket Collection by Nicholas Bell

Coyuchi Linens


Washi Tape

Permission to Curve by Anna Guest-Jelley


Grocery Delivery from Good Eggs (SF, LA, NYC, & New Orleans only)

50 Ways to Say You’re Awesome by Alexandra Franzen


Music from Valerie June

The Wild Unknown Tarot 


Homemade Apple Shrub (aka Drinking Vinegar)

Dog Songs by Mary Oliver


Vestige Lipstick Holder

Cook Smarts Meal Plan Subscription



On November 4th you can sign up to receive this years Wisdom Notes for a Well-Fed Holiday. These brought a lot of comfort and ease to last year’s subscribers and I’m excited to offer them again with fresh stories, inspiration, and care.

They also make fantastic holiday gifts. Last year, one woman bought a dozen and gave them out to all her girlfriends!

If you’re not already on it, sign up for my mailing list (on the side bar) for a reminder in a few weeks when registration opens.

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September 18, 2013

A change is in the air, can you feel it too?

My summer funk is so a thing of the past and this weekend, co-leading The Wise Body, Wise Hungers retreat with Anna Guest-Jelley was soul-satisfyingly good. I mean goooood. I’m ushering my Ease Huntresses through their summer to autumn transition and getting excited for my nephew to move from Berlin to the States next week. And, I’m writing to you on my long-overdue new computer where I’m in deep creation mode for you and 2014. Oh, and yeah, I’m wearing new, super awesome Warby Parkers

Warby Parker

Lately it’s just felt like it’s time for a new look. Something to punctuate what feels like a great and powerful time of transition…

Who’s ready for desktop wallpaper suited for being (or becoming) a Well-Fed Woman?!

I made you three versions, each in four sizes, because options are everyone’s best friend.

Each version has all four sizes in the zip files. Just click to download and choose the size that’s right for you.

Option 1 – Feast On Your Life
Desktop Wallpaper for Well-Fed Women
–> Download (zip)

Option 2 – Let Your Hungers Guide You
Desktop Wallpaper for Well-Fed Women
–> Download (zip) 

Option 3 – What Are You Truly Hungry For?

Desktop Wallpaper for Well-Fed Women
–> Download (zip)



June 13, 2013


One of the perks of coming home to your body is that you get to feel pleasure.

When I lived estranged from my body, attempting to numb out discomfort and hunger, I also lost touch with what felt good, enlivening, and right.

Rumi wrote “Respond to every call that excites your spirit.

When you’re disconnected from your body, you are disconnected from this excitement.

This past week my body spoke loud and clear: fabric. sewing. more. please. yes. oh my.


A bit of backstory:

My mom has her degree in home economics (yes, that’s a real thing) and grew up in a time when sewing your own clothing (with matching headbands) was fairly common. Her mother, my grandmother, sewed many outfits for my sister and I when we were young – even tiny quilts for the beds in our dollhouse.

This past week when arrived at my parents house for visit I took my luggage up to my room I found three japanese dress pattern books on the bedside table. My mom had gotten them for me so that I could pick out a dress to have her make. My body said: yes, joy, squee!

Later, gathered around bolts of fabric at the fabric store I could feel my heart pumping in my chest. The beauty of the prints. The saturation of the colors. The unique combinations that called to me.

In shopping for just one dress pattern I could already feel the hunger for more. More fabric. I want to be around more fabric. I love it so.

Like another might feel about a camera, or paints, or books, or cooking spices – I was feeling an overwhelming pull toward fabric.

I’m not a proficient sewer, yet, but I can certainly reattach a button and having taken basic lessons. I can thread a machine and make a basic tote bag. I even own a sewing machine, though until I live in a bigger space, it’s stored on the east coast at my parent’s house.


My body was telling me that this is important. This matters. This makes me feel alive. This makes me incredibly joyful.

Sitting at my parents dining table watching my mom cut out the dress pieces I felt at home. Something just felt so right and like this was just the beginning. A first date of a great love affair.

My body said “This is how I want to spend my Saturday mornings – stitching together a dress that is cut just for me in fabric that makes my body hum.” Yes, hum.

You want to know what you’re hungry for? You want to know where your creative joy lives?

Come home to your body and listen for what makes it hum.


January 3, 2013

Print by Mati Rose

i’m hungry for baking in slow motion and warm cookies dipped in whole milk.

i’m craving silliness and surrender, the kind that happens with friends when the world has worn us down and we play.

i deeply hunger to feel vital. to feel breathed. to feel anchored in this body. able to receive. pleasured in giving.

i hunger for moments of expansion. becoming an aunt. teaching in a foreign country. loving betterbigger.

i’m voracious for ease. soft bellies. fresh air wandering. the piercing silence of sabbath.

hair chopped short. perhaps. soon.

circle upon circle upon circle upon circle of women. well. fed. women.

this year. this new year. i am hungry to rise. i am hungry for more slurp-worthy noodles.

this year. i am hungry, like so often, for more, red. hot. lips.

i’m hungry for adele to offer fresh sounds. for beautiful collaborations with kindred powerhouses. for blessings on every check written and every dollar received.

i’m mad with hunger for all women to be free from violence.

i’m hungry for crispy roast chicken thighs. for breakfast porridge parties. for the continued releasing of shoulds and for the feast of wants.

i’m hungry.


December 27, 2012

You’re My Favorite Work of Art

Last year I sent a list of my favorite blog posts of 2011 to my newsletter subscribers. I recall thinking at that time that there was no way I could write the same quality or quantity in 2012. I had far surpassed my expectations for 2011 and was sure that I’d hit my limit for what I could do with my words for the year to come.

Sounds silly to share this as there is obviously no limit or reversing course when it comes to teaching, but it was my honest belief.

In going through the 2012 archives it was easy to find ten posts that I loved. So much so that I couldn’t pick just ten and had to share 12 with you today.

Perhaps you read these the first time around or maybe they got lost in the hubbub of the interwebs. Either way, for your inspiration and expansion, here are the words from this year that still tug at my heart and reverberate in my bones.

Primary Hungers

The Separation of Powers: Feeling & Feeding

P is for Pleasure

Self Centered

The List: Illusions & Truths

The Four Hunger Relationships

The Importance of Crying in Public

Crawl Into Your Own Lap

The Foolproof Way to Know That You are Lovable

The Spiral Climb

What I Know About Weight

The Secret to Living to 90

Extra: In Praise of Zoloft (guest post from 2011, reposted in 2012)

As I peek around the corner to 2013 I, once again, can’t imagine what there is left for me to say or how I’ll find a way to share eloquently, but if the past few years are any indicator, I expect I’ll surprise myself.