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April 10, 2017
What feeds me?


What are you truly hungry for? What feeds you?

If you’ve been around my work for a while you’ve heard me ask that question.

And yet, it’s so rare that we ask ourselves or that other people ask us.

I ask this question so often because it is the gateway to a well-fed life.

When was the last time someone asked you want you want or what feeds you?
When was the last time you paused to ask yourself?

For most women I talk to it’s been a while. I good long while.


Sometimes we’re scared of the silence and stillness that is required to hear an answer.
Sometimes we’re scared that the answer will be something painfully impossible to achieve.
Sometimes we’re scared that to listen to our hungers is to hear just how needy we are.
Sometimes we’re scared that no amount could ever fill us up, that we’re a bottomless pit.
Sometimes the safer bet just seems not to ask ourselves at all.

Well, I’m here to ask you.

I want to know what feeds you.
I want to know what you long for.
I want to know what kind of tending you need.

I want to help you feel safe in the asking, safe in the listening, and safe in your pursuit, however slow or small, of a well-fed life.

One of the tools I’ve come up with to explore this question and support us in well-fed living is the Fulfillment Pyramid.

This past weekend I held a Facebook Live “Pyramid Party” where I lead viewers through the inquiry and creation process of making a Fulfillment Pyramid.

If you want play along, grab your Fulfillment Pyramid Kit, a pen, some paper, scissors, tape or glue, and any craft supplies you enjoy and watch the rebroadcast:

Here are the questions I ask in the video:

: What induces an exhale for me?
: What do I get envious of and what does this tell me about my life and hungers?
: You get the best version of me when…
: What restores when I’m drained is…
: When I’m full/filled up what I most like to expend that energy on is…
: A well-fed life composed just for me is/includes/looks like…
: I start to feel not like myself when I haven’t…
: My body is most happy when…

And here are the areas of your life that I invite you to think about your fulfillment:

: Spiritual
: Creative
: Intimacy/Sexual
: Community/Relational/Familial
: Physical Environment
: Work/Vocation/Purpose
: Play/Fun
: Physical
: Mental
: Citizenship

I’d love to hear about your experience making a Fulfillment Pyramid. Snap a photo and tag it #fulfillmentpyramid. Send me your photo to be added to the reader gallery. Drop me an email and let me know what this activity revealed for you.

Above all, remember this: your hungers are wise and they always point toward a life that not only feeds you, but a life that allows you to be engaged in and of service to the whole of life. Hungry women can’t serve nearly as well as well-fed women. Fill up.

Hi, I'm Rachel

I am a life coach and fierce advocate for women feeding their truest hungers. I'm also a curator of inspiration and this is where I share the wisdom I've gained, words that trigger deep reflection, and resources to help you live your most well-fed life. Feast onward.

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