April 13, 2016


We spend a huge percentage of our lives working and that time can either leave us feeling full or hungry.

I know both sides of that coin very well.

I have had the brain-numbing, the soul-sucking, and the toxic jobs. Lots of them.

But my work today is not painful or depleting. It’s rewarding and gentle.

This kind of work—the kind that has deep purpose and is sustainable—is what everyone deserves.

As a life coach I work with women on the full range of life hungers: food, intimacy, spirituality, creativity, and yes, meaningful work. The truth is, more often than not though, I send those with career hungers to Laura Simms. She’s my career coach guru. When my students are really ready to be vocationally well-fed it’s Laura I turn them on to.

Laura doesn’t offer one-on-one coaching, but instead, teaches through her gorgeous and impactful masterclass: Your Career Homecoming and her course begins again soon. This is a course I’ve sent countless students to and only heard rave reviews.

As a way to support you in your pursuit of more fulfilling work and to share more about this incredible program Laura and I are hosting a live Career Hungers Conversation and Q&A on Wednesday, April 20th at 7 pm CT/5 pm PT.

If your current career is out of alignment with who you are and who you want to be…

If you feel like your career is the missing piece to having the life you want…

If “What am I going to do?” has become a central obsession in your life…

If you are worn down by your mind-numbing, heart-draining job…

Then join Laura and me on Wednesday.

We’ll be discussing a whole range of topics, including:

  • How you can begin to hear your specific career hungers
  • What to do with internal voices that tell you “It makes no sense for you to switch careers!” or “It’s too late for you to change career paths!”
  • Why it’s important and how to take into account not just the work you want to do, but the kind of life you want to have.
  • and lots more, plus we’ll be taking any and all questions you have about your

Call Details

April 20th at 7 pm CT/5 pm PT (the call will last one hour)

(425) 440-5100, 701832#, or

If you want to be a part of the call but can’t make it or just want to get your questions in the queue, you can submit them in advance and you’ll be emailed a link to listen to the call recording.



April 11, 2016


You are not the bad guy in the story of your life.

If you read a novel and the main character made all the same, moment by moment, choices that you have, in the context of a life identical to yours, the result, I’m sure, would be compassion and empathy for that character—not judgement.

At every turn of your life from the day you were born you have first acted to keep yourself safe and soothed. This is primal. This makes sense. You make sense. 

We don’t always have access to resources within ourselves that might steer us toward less harmful actions. Sometimes our actions hurt ourselves or others. And still this doesn’t make us the bad guy.

If you are carrying around a thousand pound boulder of guilt and shame, of belief that you failed in some way or should have done better I implore you to put the boulder down. Forgive yourself!

You are not the bad guy in the story of your life.

You have always always always been trying to survive.

That might mean that for thirty years you came home from work and binged on food you didn’t taste or enjoy.

That might mean that for a while you lived beyond your means, regularly buying shoes and other empty impulse purchases

That might mean that you’ve acted poorly, childlike perhaps, toward a friend or family member. Lashed out. Been selfish. Held a grudge. 

No matter the scenario: you are still not the bad guy in the story of your life.

You are just the human—good, fallible, sacred—finding your way.

Forgive yourself. Please.

Your unnecessary self-judgement and shame only builds walls: between you and I, between you and your self, between you and life.

As you read back over the book of you, notice that it makes perfect sense why the protagonist made that choice and then, as they say, take heart that when you know better you will do better.

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