December 8, 2015


Many bloggers I know are highly strategic. They employ all the fanciest SEO (that’s Search Engine Optimization) tricks so their work comes up higher in your google query results. They extensively track trends and clicks and shares and tweets. They have their finger on the pulse of their reader and know just how to attract an ever-growing group of fans.

I’m just not one of those bloggers, at least not yet, though I admire their savviness.

I simply write when I feel inspired to write. I write what feels important, useful, and inspiring (to me) to share. I write because I want you to know you’re not alone and I want to remember the bits of wisdom I’ve collected along my way.

And so I find myself a bit in awe of the body of work I’ve produced in the course of this year (and year’s past) given my total failure to have a “plan of attack”. At the start of each year I so often feel like I’ll have nothing to say.

In reviewing my 2015 posts a number of them stood out as favorites. I’ve rounded them up here and whether you missed them the first time or fancy a second look, I hope that something I’ve shared is what you needed to read as much it was what I needed to write. xo, Rachel

Dieting is a Violent Act

Our Eyes Can (and Do) Deceive Us

Take Back Your Life

Defining What Works

sola dosis facit venenum

Vanity’s Other Name

Make Yourself Comfortable

A World Gone Mad

Changing the Culture

Doing Your Best

May the muse find me once again in 2016! Thank you to all who follow along!

December 1, 2015

Putting together this year’s gift guide was challenging. Like many people I feel a mix of emotions about the problems in the world and the position of privilege I hold. I bristle as conspicuous consumption but also believe in supporting businesses and the power of material objects to bring great joy and support to our lives.

At first I wasn’t going to do a gift guide at all. I just wanted to shout “Go help a Syrian refugee! Find a homeless woman and give her a box of tampons! Get involved in politics! Don’t be apathetic! Your vote and dollars count!” and on and on.

But you don’t need me to shout at you. None of us need to be shouted at.

I’ll tell you that many of the things I’ve suggested in the gift guide’s of years past (2012/2013a/2013b/2013c/2014) remain my favorite things, especially 80 acres body care in verde scent, Ilia lipstick, and you can’t ever ever go wrong gifting a massage. I could pretty much share with you the same favorites list each year because I’m the type to like what I like and to keep it simple. But I wanted to share some fresh inspiration with you…

I’ll also tell you that this year’s list has decidedly fewer objects and many more experiences, services, and charities on it. I worked with a personal organizer recently (another great gift to give!) and I’ve simply come to value breathing room over more stuff…

And I’ll tell you that this year many of my favorite presents to be given are made by hand on my sewing machine, but I know that not everyone has the luxury of time to craft things from scratch, so I’m offering up great gift ideas that you can snag with the swipe of your credit card and a few precious free moments…

And so with all that said I present to you my 2015 Gift Guide—may it provide inspiration for a well-fed holiday.

holidaygraphic11. 5-pocket Mobilhome

2. Story Corps Recording Session (Free!)

holidaygraphic23. Spotify Premium

4. Support a Kickstarter project, like this one.

holidaygraphic35. Sponsor a sister through Women for Women International

holidaygraphic46. Hot water bottle. My most prized possession.

7. Subscription to Lumosity

holidaygraphic57. Dog Medicine: How My Dog Saved Me From Myself by Julie Barton

8. Finding Yourself in the Kitchen: Kitchen Meditations and Inspired Recipes From a Mindful Cook by Dana Velden

9. Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls: A Handbook for Unapologetic Living by Jes Baker

10. Make a micro-loan through Kiva

11. Engineer Print (turn one of your photographs into a statement piece)


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