What I've been chewing on lately...

June 13, 2013
My Creative Joy : Fabric


One of the perks of coming home to your body is that you get to feel pleasure.

When I lived estranged from my body, attempting to numb out discomfort and hunger, I also lost touch with what felt good, enlivening, and right.

Rumi wrote “Respond to every call that excites your spirit.

When you’re disconnected from your body, you are disconnected from this excitement.

This past week my body spoke loud and clear: fabric. sewing. more. please. yes. oh my.


A bit of backstory:

My mom has her degree in home economics (yes, that’s a real thing) and grew up in a time when sewing your own clothing (with matching headbands) was fairly common. Her mother, my grandmother, sewed many outfits for my sister and I when we were young – even tiny quilts for the beds in our dollhouse.

This past week when arrived at my parents house for visit I took my luggage up to my room I found three japanese dress pattern books on the bedside table. My mom had gotten them for me so that I could pick out a dress to have her make. My body said: yes, joy, squee!

Later, gathered around bolts of fabric at the fabric store I could feel my heart pumping in my chest. The beauty of the prints. The saturation of the colors. The unique combinations that called to me.

In shopping for just one dress pattern I could already feel the hunger for more. More fabric. I want to be around more fabric. I love it so.

Like another might feel about a camera, or paints, or books, or cooking spices – I was feeling an overwhelming pull toward fabric.

I’m not a proficient sewer, yet, but I can certainly reattach a button and having taken basic lessons. I can thread a machine and make a basic tote bag. I even own a sewing machine, though until I live in a bigger space, it’s stored on the east coast at my parent’s house.


My body was telling me that this is important. This matters. This makes me feel alive. This makes me incredibly joyful.

Sitting at my parents dining table watching my mom cut out the dress pieces I felt at home. Something just felt so right and like this was just the beginning. A first date of a great love affair.

My body said “This is how I want to spend my Saturday mornings – stitching together a dress that is cut just for me in fabric that makes my body hum.” Yes, hum.

You want to know what you’re hungry for? You want to know where your creative joy lives?

Come home to your body and listen for what makes it hum.