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May 4, 2013
Two Important Voices. Yours and Mine.


I took April off of work.

I went to meet my nephew in Germany and on April 17th, 36 hours after my pain landed back on U.S. soil, I had my tonsils removed. No surprise, it’s been painful to talk.

During the recovery I learned to communicate with made up hand signs, scribbles on paper, and flash cards I’d prepared that said things like “Pain!” and “Thank you!”

Now May has rolled around, the pain has faded and speaking has becoming more effortless.

Eating with abandon has come back too. Hallelujah!

But my life isn’t just about speaking to my loved ones or being able to talk to the check out clerk at the grocery store.

I teach. I write. I communicate as part of my sacred vocation.

Being away last month and getting out of practice ‘speaking’ to you has left me feeling rusty. I could hear that all too common voice that says “What do you have to say that’s original? Look, there are all these other people saying the same thing as you. What makes you think anyone wants to hear your version? No one even noticed you were gone.”

In my experience, most of us know what this is like, even if we don’t have a blog and or teach in a classroom.

It’s simply not always easy to feel into the importance or worthiness of our voice.

Here is the perspective I use respond to these questioning voices:

I’ve read just about every book there is on the topic of eating disorders and making peace with our body and food. Seriously. I have.

Many of them say the same things and yet, for no logical or specific reason, only a few have really spoken to me. It’s not that they were better written, it’s simply that I needed to hear the information from one author and could not from another.

Have you had this experience? Two books that say the same thing and only one speaks to you?

Or a friend raves about a book that changed her life but it falls flat for you.

Perhaps there is a blogger out there that ‘everyone’ raves about but who’s voice does not connect with you.

Maybe you’ve had a group of people in your life each give you the same advice, but it was one single person who was able to get through to you.

It’s not logical and I don’t need to understand why this is the way things are.

I simply know that each voice matters and that my voice is the voice that will connect with someone out there when others do not.

This is true for your voice too. Whether it’s a book you want to write, a speech you want to give, or a truth you want to share with your best friend – it matters that YOU share it.

Your voice is like your thumbprint. It has a uniqueness that no one can match and it has the power to carry healing, change, and beauty into a world that needs these them.

Our voice won’t be heard by all. It won’t even be received positively all the time. It will rarely, if ever, be perfect.

I simply ask myself, what if Geneen Roth had never written Women, Food, & God because she thought that most of the content had already been written about by others? What if Brene Brown didn’t give her initial TedX talk because she thought to herself “Would anyone care if I didn’t show up?”

This perspective is what allows me to, often without finesse, begin to speak, teach, and write again. This is what allows me to hush those fearful voices. I have a deep faith that some people need to hear the wisdom I share from my voice in order for it to have an impact.

I have faith the same is true for you. 

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