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May 3, 2013
The Eternal Spring

eternal spring

Our hungers are an eternal spring of wisdom and answers.

I wish I’d known this when I was younger, it would have saved me so much strife and anguish.

If I had known, I wouldn’t have have pursued answers, fruitlessly I might add, in so many places outside of myself.

If I had known that the well of wisdom was ceaseless and within myself I would not have sought to silence it.

It, this eternal spring, asked for simple things from me. It asked for human embrace. It asked for carbs – bread, pasta, and the like. It asked for permission to simply be. to be heard. to be listened to.

My spring of hungers asked for rest. and play. My spring of hungers said “Let our body be! Let it be soft. Let our body be whatever it wants to be.”

My spring of hunger said “Let others love us” and “Let’s love us.”

And it was the courageous act of yielding, of listening, of honoring that I allowed me to live my way into a very well-fed woman.

The path has not been linear. Going from relating to my hungers as enemies to being in deep communion with them has been a practice. It has, at times, been moment to moment and day by day. But over time it has become second nature.

This Way of The Well-Fed Woman, as I call it, has liberated me and over the past several years I’ve been lucky enough to witness it do the same for so many others.

I want this for every hungry woman out there. I want so much to live in a world where women trust their hungers, no matter how big they are or  and live lives created from this guidance within.

In the spring 2004 I attended a large women’s reproductive rights march in Washington, DC. As we gathered, plackets in hand, Hillary Clinton on the microphone, I overheard a conversation between a few women who were standing next to me.

One woman said “What do you want to do for lunch?” The other replied “Oh, I’m skipping lunch this week. I’ve been so bad and need to slim down.” To which her replied with a chipper “Oh, okay!”

The only part of this story that has to do with food is that our relationship with food mirrors our relationship with all of our hungers.

Instead of  her hunger for lunch, this woman could have just as easily been ignoring her hunger for creativity, or touch, or adventure. This is what so many of us do and I’m not here to claim that feeding ourselves is easy. Well, it’s not easy at first.

Aftercall, how do hear what we’re hungry for?

How do we know if what we’re hearing is our “true” hunger?

And once we hear it, what we do? How do we actually take a hunger, especially the big ones, and feed it?

I teach the answers to these questions. I equip hungry women with the tools, frameworks, practices, and love that it takes to live the Way of The Well-Fed Woman.

Someone asked me recently, “What does ‘being well-fed’ mean?” Kind of like when you say a word ten times fast it starts to sound funny. I say “well-fed” a whole lot and I totally get if it starts to sound like mumbo jumbo.

If this metaphor has felt elusive for you, perhaps my words here today have shed some clarity.

Being well-fed means believing 1) that your hungers are wise and serve as a compass pointing to what is needed now for you to be most fulfilled, 2) you are worthy of having your hungers fed, 3)that when you are well-fed you can be engaged in and most of service to the world, and 4) that a world full of well-fed people, especially women, would be a radically better place than the one we live in today.

If you believe these tenets, then your eternal spring is ready and waiting to guide you. You are ready to feast. If you believe these tenets  and are hungry for support and guidance, I’m here.

Happy (eternal) springtime to all.

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I am a life coach and fierce advocate for women feeding their truest hungers. I'm also a curator of inspiration and this is where I share the wisdom I've gained, words that trigger deep reflection, and resources to help you live your most well-fed life. Feast onward.

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