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April 4, 2013
My Well-Fed Life: Laura Simms


All month long I’m featuring other wise women sharing about their well-fed lives.
Today’s post comes from the wonderful Laura Simms.


What is well-fed?

For today: Well-fed is a hundred, daily, seemingly insignificant decisions.

Well-fed is when I skip the whipped cream.

It can also be when I ask for the whipped cream.

Well-fed is when I get away from the computer.

It can also be a 3 hour Hulu marathon.

Well-fed is when I put together a smashing outfit that makes me feel stylish and capable.

It can also be when I slum in my sweats past noon.

Well-fed is when I go to yoga.

It can also be when I ditch downward dog for couch slouch.

For life: Well-fed is a handful of intimidating, bone deep, course-altering decisions. 

Well-fed is walking away from a career I once loved but that didn’t feel good anymore.

Well-fed is moving half-way across the country to build a life based on my future, not my past.

Well-fed is leaving behind dear friends so I can see my family more often.

Well-fed is not knowing the end, but trusting enough to get started anyway.

For work: Well-fed is purpose-driven.

Well-fed is fusing contribution and self-expression.

Well-fed is helping other folks learn to be well-fed in their own careers.

Well-fed is stepping up and coming out as the leader I already am.

Well-fed is making mistakes and being ok with them.

Well-fed is sharing an office with two hilarious house rabbits.

For real: Well-fed is a choice.

Well-fed is not a to-do list

Well-fed is not a collection of banned substances and imposed guidelines.

Well-fed is a not a “if I treat myself bad now I’ll make up for it later” negotiation.

To me,

Well-fed is heightened awareness.

Well-fed is being the patient and the caregiver.

Well-fed is asking “what are you truly hungry for?” and daring to act on the answer.

And…it’s delicious.


Laura Simms is a coach, writer, and speaker helping career changers and entrepreneurs craft purpose-driven careers. Head to createasfolk.com/freebies for a complimentary video series to help you “get paid for being you.”


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