March 28, 2013


Margaret Atwood

1. If there were no ‘shoulds’ and ‘shouldn’ts’ – what hunger of my own would I claim?

2. Three role models who demonstrate what it means to live life well-fed are___

3. I don’t know how I could possibly feed this hunger, but the truth is I am hungry for___

4. I can tell that I’m not well-fed when___

5. I’m feasting on___

6. Reflecting on the parallels between my relationship with food and the rest of my life, I can see that___

7. If pleasure is a ‘food group’ my daily servings today will/did include___

8. The place in my life that I’m choosing to stay hungry in is___. The place in my life that I’m choosing to feed myself is___.

9. Like we have relationships with people, we also have relationships with our true hungers. Describe your relationship to one of your true hungers. Friend? Foe? Lover? Stranger? Be as detailed as possible.

10. If I knew I only had one year to live, I’d make sure I was well-fed by___