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February 22, 2013
Change the Way You See Weight Change


Love Yourself

Here are just some of the factors related to weight fluctuations:

Metabolic changes
Hormonal changes
Side effects from medication  
Socio-economic class shifts
Restricted & binge eating
Grief & trauma
Returning to or away from intuitive eating
Injury that limits mobility
Changes in activity

Of these, only pregnancy can be seen with our eyes.

I have a client who, over the past few years, has gained weight. I can tell you that at least five of the above factors are present in her life. Which ones? I’m not telling.

She came to our session stressed about running into an ex-boyfriend and wondering how she’d explain her weight gain to him.

She doesn’t have to. She doesn’t have to justify the change in weight at all.

And while people will assume to know why someone weighs what they weigh, you know what they say about that.

Next week I’ll be updating my website with all new photos of me. It’s been several years since the old ones were taken and it was time for a refresh.

I’ve lost some weight in that time. Why?

Well, with a history of an eating disorder, some might assume I’d relapsed. Not so.

But the real reason is my own collection of the above factors.

What really matters, for my client, for me, and for you is this: happiness.

What matters is having a meaningful life. I have that. Increasingly, so does she.

Weight changes. It changes daily, weekly, annually, and througout our entire life.

It’s normal. It’s human.

Our society shames bodies for sure, but we shame bodies who change weight even more. Unless of course we idolize and worship the change (almost always a weight loss).

I want to make crystal clear:

Weight changes.
You don’t have to explain it.
You don’t have to justify your weight or anything else about your body.

Let your body finds it’s way.

Oh, and try not to assume why someone else’s weight has changed. You really never know.