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January 28, 2013
My Missing Food Board on Pinterest


Porn on the Cob

Many might assume that as a well-fed woman–as the poster-woman for well-fed living–and an avid Pinterest user that I would have a board dedicated to delicious, sumptuous foods.

I don’t.

I don’t collect gorgeous images of food to drool over because food isn’t an obsession for me anymore. At one point in my life, scouring food blogs, food porn on TV, and collecting recipes was a way to distract myself from the fact that I was starving. Years after I began to simply feed myself everything I was truly hungry for these mediums feel empty to me.

The truth is, my real life is often like a living pinterest board of gorgeous food. Whereas I might not (yet) get to put on that incredible sequin gown or swim in my own gorgeous indoor pool at home, I can cook like a rockstar.

I don’t need to look at it when I can simply eat it.

I’m personally rarely inspired by images of food. I want to smell it, touch it, and taste it.

The other, less central reason I don’t collect food images on Pinterest is because I’m conscious that others who haven’t yet become rooted in their own internal hungers look to me for guidance. I do not want people to compare what they eat to what I eat (or pin) and use it as a way to judge themselves.

We live in this ridiculous time of online hero worship and as much nonsense as it is, people do project stories on to me like “She has it all figured out” and “I bet she has a perfect diet” and “There’s no way she eats the crap I eat.”

I don’t want to play that game. I don’t want women using images of food I pin as tools for comparison, projection, or mimicry. I want followers of my work to come home to themselves and their own hungers. It’s my belief that my pinning food isn’t part of that.

If you have food board on pinterest, there is nothing–absolutely nothing–wrong with that. Many people use Pinterest to organize their “recipes to cook” file or because food photography is a beautiful art. That said, if you have such a board, check in with yourself on how you use it. Is it so you can drool of over dishes you won’t allow yourself? Do you use it to collect recipes that are low-calorie, low-fat, or low-carb? In other words, is it a tool in your toolbox of dietary control and disconnection?

Food for thought.

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