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Holiday Bingo!

I remember taking cross-country road-trips with my family as a child and playing car bingo. In that version of the game, instead of B6 or A17, you had to spot things like a barn, taxi cab, or bird out the car window in order to fill your bingo card.

It’s clear to me after talking with my clients this week that a similar tool is needed for this holiday season. If you’re feeling any level of dread or like you already know how things will unfold, try making a game of it. When you spot someone being passive aggressive you get to check that box (yay!). When you’re in a bad mood and itching to move your departure flight to five minutes from now, look for gratitude, love, and pie…you need ‘em to win the game.

So my wish for you is that your days be merry and bright…and may you freak your family out by randomly yelling “BINGO!” at the most awkward of moments.

xo, Rachel

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  1. jennifer w. mccullough December 20, 2011

    Love it! I feel inspired… Makes me think about all of the different BINGO cards that could be made in a given week and how helpful it would be to take a lighter approach to the content. Thank you Rachel!

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