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December 18, 2012
A Topsy Turvy Holiday



It’s December 18th. If you celebrate Christmas, it’s just one week away. The New Year begins one week later.

Where did you think you’d be today? What did you think you would have gotten done? What had you hoped for?

Is all as you’d planned or has it taken a detour?

What’s the story you wrote for this year’s holiday?

For me. I thought I’d be healthy (after months of a sore throat), traveling to Germany to visit my sister, and stocked with all the homemade gifts I’d made for friends. I thought the holidays would be a quiet time for my business where I could write and restore.

Not so.

Tomorrow I’ll find out if (and likely when) I need to have my tonsils removed. I’m a little afraid of the pain that, as an adult, recovery from this procedure involves. I’m afraid of taking up to two weeks from my work – when you’re self-employed, this is no easy feat.

The trip to Germany was cancelled. My immune system is up to it but my business, if I’m to be away from it for long, needs my full attention. So it’ll be my first solo Christmas. Not what I expected at all.

Those homemade gifts for all those I care about? This hasn’t happened. Not even close.

The quiet time for my business? Not so much. I’ll spare you the behind the scenes workings and just say that my free 5-day journey, as part of Kick Start Your Change, launched today. It’s called Sensual Holiday and is all about feeling into every moment of this meaningful time of the year. In the coming weeks you’ll hear about Ease Hunting, a 6 week journey I’m inviting you on that is all about discovering life’s exhales. You’ll hear about the stunning Well-Fed Woman Art Collection and tickets for the Well-Fed Woman Retreatshop Tour will go on sale. I’m my own boss, so much of this is my own choice…and I embrace it.

There is no pity party; nor am I here to sugar coat things.  Many people are experiencing real grief in the world–others unexpected joys. This is simply an awareness that I wrote a story and it isn’t reflected in real life at the moment.

What is reflected is that I have good health care, a family who believes in me and loves me (even if I’m far away this year), and family and friends who know I love them, even if my gifts arrive late. I have wonderful readers, clients, and followers of my work – wonderful women on the path of becoming well-fed.

How about you? What’s the story that didn’t turn out as you had written it? Is the real story even better? What do you need to let go of to move closer to embracing the true story of your holiday season?

From one master storyteller to another.

*This post is adapted from a Wisdom Note I shared with subscribers to A Well-Fed Holiday.

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