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May 23, 2012
The Well-Fed Woman: Tanya Geisler

Some people become a life coach because it’s trendy and they want the work/life flexibility it provides.

Others are just born life coaches. The kind of skill and wisdom it takes to truly help people live their fullest, most satisfying life is naturally in their bones.

Tanya Geisler is part of this latter category. She is a brilliant coach and, amongst those who know her, revered for her ability to give just the kick in the pants you need wrapped up in the most amazing motherly hug. It’s a wicked combination.

If you haven’t heard already, she’s just introduced her Board of Your Life program and I have to say that I think it’s genius. With these guides, Tanya offers and exciting new, and beautifully laid out, way to find clarity and momentum in our lives. Board of Your Life helps us to gather a circle (or rather an advisory board) of key players from our life to help us see ourselves better, remove obstacles, and move closer to what Tanya calls “the starring role of our life.”

I’ve seen inside the Board of Your Life guides and they, like Tanya, are pretty incredible. No doubt it’s the result of her own well-fed life.


Tanya, what are you TRULY hungry for?

More. (Can you believe it? “More” she said!) I’ve become truly addicted to the belief that I can have it exactly as I want it. So even as my hands are brimming with goodness, here I am, looking for a bigger bowl to house the more-ness that I am hooked on and continue to hunger for.

Because here’s what I see. The more I heap on, the more I share. And the more I send out, the more comes back to me. {Things are pretty giddy around here.}

What’s a craving that you previously denied that you now happily satisfy?  How has that impacted you?

I’ve always been pretty self-aware, which has looked like knowing what I needed. And I could generally figure out how to get it OR make it OR claim it OR make do without it. What’s new is realizing that an easier way might be to ask for it from someone else. ASKING for what I need is new. Quite new.

I’ve had to uncollapse the distinction that asking for help was really asking for permission. {Hint: it ain’t…not by a long shot.}

My Board of Your Life program is deeply rooted in this truth: people want to see you succeed. You actually just need to ask for what you need. I see it every day.

And I work at making sure others are comfortable asking ME. When I notice that I’m so immersed in my own work that I’m oblivious to others around me, I pause and ask my circle: “What do you need from me? I may or may not be able to accommodate, but just ask and let’s see.”

What are you a conduit for?  What comes through with ease, meaning, and spark?

Without reservation I know that I am a conduit for people to step into the starring roles of their life. Been doing that since grade school. My indomitable belief is that you are meant to shine. And I know that to do so, you must KNOW your gifts, your values, your strengths. And love them up but good. Then obey them. Devote yourself to them and they will tend to your heart, mind and spirit in ways you cannot even begin to imagine.

Favorite bite in recent memory?

A ridiculously sublime grilled cheese sandwich. (Old cheddar, vidalia onion and granny smith apple). There is precious little that cheese, fruit and bread can’t heal.