September 26, 2011

Michele is a woman who radiates so brightly that the sterile 1’s and 0’s of the interwebs fail to diffuse her light. I stumbled upon her through her partnership with Jen Louden and their widely praised Teach Now e-course and am so happy that I did.

Through her own site, Working with Power, Michele describes herself the following way: “I bring infectious joy. Incisive intelligence. Broadband spiritual connection. A luscious, sensual presence. I’m soulful but irreverent. A gregarious introvert. And a discipline-free yogini.” Um, can we be best friends?

I wanted to include Michele in the Well-Fed Woman tribe because I believe so strongly in the work she is doing in the world. Through her coaching practice Michele guides women to live rich, delicious, pleasure-filled, and powerful lives. Through Teach Now she is sharing her teachers brain trust earned over many years of teaching coaching, yoga, and spiritually-based business building. As I’ve said before, this is the course that will have me front row and center.

*Teach Now closes registration this Wednesday at midnight PST and I’m giving away one free pass for the deluxe guided adventure level to the person who leaves the best comment about teaching and being well-fed.


Michele, what are you TRULY hungry for?

I’ve run around this question so many ways in my life… Mistaken answers I’ve fervently believed have included: Coffee Haagen-Dazs.  My husband Kurt to truly (really, dammit!) love me.  Standing ovations at speaking engagements.  Yipes, though.  Hoovering those things up time and again, I realized I was trying to fill something that was more fear than hunger, more existential than circumstantial.  Now, I enjoy flavors, but hunger for nourishment.  I savor Kurt’s love (more real than I used to acknowledge) AND the bittersweet ache of the imperfection of human love.  And I see ego snacks for what they are.

These days, I’m aware I’m hungry for the belly laughs Kurt and our 3 year old Cooper share at story time.  I’m truly hungry to BE HERE for my experiences: “good,” “bad,” or just du jour.  I notice it’s more the presence I’m hungry for than the particular taste of the experience itself.  Motherhood (including a miscarriage that broke my heart) have taught me that.  I savor the losses, even, because they let me dig my toes into the humus of what it is to be human. I’m hungry for sensation, for experience.

And I’m hungry to write.  To chronicle those experiences in the voice given only to me.  I’m seeing the self-denial and violence inherent in my neglect to give myself enough time to write.  When I don’t write, I’m emotionally and spiritually constipated.  It’s exhausting.  And when I DO write, it feeds me, as well as others.

Those are my true hungers now.

What’s a craving that you previously denied that you now happily satisfy? How has this impacted you?

Beauty.  I used to fancy myself oh-so-pragmatic… about my own appearance, especially.  I had real disdain for “flurf.”  Had somethin’ to prove.  Now, I devote time and resources to having easy-to-care-for hair, nails, clothes, shoes (shoes!) and accessories that make me feel delicious inside and out.  I realize I am easily a blessing to others when I take pleasure in my own beauty.  A nourished woman nourishes with her presence.  It used to seem superficial to me – perhaps even evil (remember the witch in Sleeping Beauty?) to gain delight from one’s “fairness.”  Now that I see that everyone’s got the beauty (our greatest differences are in how much we enjoy it), I have a sense that our beauty is part of the grand design:  reveling in our own capacity to feel good in our own skin is a part of how we receive, give, and contain love, enlightenment, and power.

What are you a conduit for? What comes through with ease, meaning, and spark?

Metaphor and other curlicues of language.  J’adore mental imagery and I can feel and see what’s inside other people.  So when I’m listening to someone’s situation, I’ll often say “It’s like…” and they’ll report that the metaphor that came was utterly perfect for reasons I could not possibly have known.  I love that!  Someone recently told me I have a way of delivering divine wisdom pre-digested for the masses.  I dunno, but I sure do love and find it simple to say big, real, important junk in a way so’s folk can understand it and ground it down into their lives.

Favorite bite in recent memory?

I gotta go literal here:  We were at Cafe Juanita, near Seattle, for my birthday on August 18.  I had this bite of Seared Foie Gras with Bing Cherries, Candied Ginger and Cacao Nib.  ‘Nother thing I wouldn’t have known I’d love.  The salty-fatty-crunchy-sweet-sour-bitter explosion in my mouth was a full-body delight.  A delight compounded by the fun of sharing that dish and about 10 others with Kurt and five other people I love.  Scrumptious!

To get more Michele in your life visit her website Working with Power or follow her on Twitter @lisenbury.