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August 27, 2011
20 Sunday Self-Soothers

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Get quiet enough to hear your own heart beat.

Put clean sheets on the bed.

Drive on an open road.

Girlfriends. Girlfriends. Girlfriends.

Listen to books on tape (Geneen Roth in your ear? Yes please)

Assume child’s pose.

Put a cool or warm compress over your eyes.

Chill out to Spotify’s Evening Acoustic mix

Eat breakfast for dinner.

Eat dinner for breakfast.

Go to the dog park. Make up names and personalities for each pooch.

Take a walk around the block.

Doodle. Frame it. 

Sneak a picnic into a lighthearted movie.

Have a proper bath.

Moisturize with body oil instead of lotion. Touch yourself. 

Ask yourself “What am I TRULY hungry for?” Feast.

Collect your kind of beauty on Pinterest.

Write nice things in dry erase marker on your mirror.

Tell the truth. Share it with someone kind-hearted.  

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