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April 14, 2011
On sustainable power.

Nathan Trivette’s “Vanishing Power – Electric Lines in Fog

If you tune into the news or open a newspaper you are going to hear about our global energy crisis. Aside from the fact that we (especially Americans) use far too much energy, as you know by now, we also use power sources that are neither sustainable nor renewable.

I’m fascinated by how this global issue parallels what I see as an epidemic of people dependent on unsustainable sources of personal power.

I think of this as false power. It’s short-lived, fragile, and externally derived.

On the flip side is true power, or em-powerment. This kind of power is rooted, renewable, and strong. Empowered people are the force of their own lives, regardless of circumstances. Those who run on false power oscillate between bursts of feeling strong and petering out. They are dependent on outside forces to recharge them.

Where do you get your power from? Is it sustainable, dependable, and renewable?

How much do you need? Do you burn through it quickly? Do you worry there isn’t enough?

Where you get your power determines how you walk through the world.

Power is about your hungers and satiation and, sometimes, desperation. It’s about finding peace.

We all get power from unsustainable (or false) sources and that’s fine.  Like junk food, you just don’t want it to be your whole diet…or even most of your diet. Have a looksee at this list of unsustainable, non-renewable, unguaranteeable sources of power:

  • Money
  • Beauty (in a traditional sense of the word)
  • Youth
  • Thinness
  • Things
  • Sexual Power Over Others (not to be confused with having an empowered relationship with your sexuality).
  • Other’s Approval
  • Your Parent’s Approval
  • Your Sibling’s Approval
  • Your Child’s Approval
  • Your Friend’s Approval
  • Your Significant Other’s Approval
  • Your Boss’s Approval
  • Your Client’s Approval
  • Being “Good”
  • Being “Smart”
  • Being “Pure”
  • Being “Hip”
  • Having lots of Twitter Followers or Unique Visitors or RSS subscribers
  • Getting your book on a best seller’s list
  • Being a ‘published’ author
  • Being a ‘tenured’ professor
  • Being a doctor
  • Being a lawyer
  • Being part an exclusive club or group or clique
  • Praise from the media

If you lost it all, your money, your things, your youth, your health…could you still be and feel powerful?

A lofty and/or radical idea, perhaps, but true power comes from within and is available no matter the circumstances. True power comes from our spirit, the clarity of our connection to it, and how we receive life.

Truly powerful people are empowered…powered from within.


Tell me, where do you get your power? What’s your “go-to” false power?  Do you believe we can we solve both the global and/or individual power crises?

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